4 Ways to Reward Your Employees

People really appreciate being rewarded when they’ve done something important for your company, or when they have performed in a way that has helped the business meet its goals. Being good at making sure staff feel like their work is recognized and celebrated is important when it comes to your working culture, and to things like staff retention, so here are four ideas for rewarding your employees: and for Fine art and crafts

Vouchers or Gift Cards

Vouchers for popular stores can be an easy way to give a reward. Staff can really appreciate being given gift cards, as this is like being given cash that they absolutely have to spend on something they really want, rather than just having it get used on normal everyday expenses, where they may not really feel that much of a treat from it. Make sure to give gift cards that can be used for a wide range of things, and your rewards are certain to be useful to and appreciated by everyone.

Throw a Party

If you want to do something to reward a whole department, it can be a nice idea to throw a party or take everybody out somewhere at the company’s expense, rather than giving out individual rewards. This can be a good way to make everyone feel included and also to encourage good morale in the workplace, as everybody gets to celebrate their achievements together.

Tickets to Hot Events

One great way to get your employees excited about the rewards you are offering is to offer tickets to exciting and sought after events. If you work in a major city, there are usually going to be all kinds of things going on, from sports to stand up comedy, movie premieres, art exhibitions, book signings, and all kinds of other stuff your staff may well be thrilled to get to attend. You can find sports tickets for sale that can make the perfect prize, or consider tickets to concerts, exhibitions, or other events that are likely to appeal to the people who work in your company. Alternatively, you can offer tickets to local attractions like theme parks or for trips.

Make a More Fun Day at Work

If you want to reward everybody for a project well done or just as a general way to keep motivation up, but don’t have the budget for a party or for buying rewards to give people, then one good thing to do can be to have a special day at work that is just designed to be a bit more fun than usual. You can encourage people to come to work in fancy dress, or even just make a day where people don’t have to wear the usual work dress code if your office is usually smartly dressed. You can allow people to play video games in the meeting rooms, or bring in special cakes and treats. You can even make this day a charity fundraising thing for a charity you partner with as a business.

These are just four ideas for making your employees feel appreciated and creating a positive office culture, no matter how much budget you have for rewards and how many people you want to celebrate!