4 Ways to Encompass Technology into Your Next Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are a great way to show off your products and services to new customers and at the show, your stand is the greatest tool you have to generate leads and make contacts within your industry. Interactive technology can now be integrated within the walls, floors and stations at your stand to provide greater visual appeal and audience interaction. Because today’s customers are so used to using their devices to take in information, it’s crucial that you provide this for them at the event.

Product Demonstrations

Branding alone won’t sell a product that people don’t understand. Using interactive displays embedded in the stand allows attendees to immerse themselves in your presentation, and it also garners interest in your product. It’s no good to just have your product displayed, you want to be using technology to demonstrate it in action to educate and win over potential customers.

Allowing attendees to touch a button and watch promotional videos gives them control over their experience. Having multiple ways they can navigate through a presentation engages them in the process and helps maintain interest longer. Interactive presentations also reduce fatigue on the spokespeople and leaves them free to answer detailed questions, network and identify the leads that are the whole point of attending the exhibition.

Virtual Reality Displays

Hands down, virtual and augmented reality are always the hot tech topics of the day. Augmented reality uses computer graphics superimposed on the real world. This can take the form of a virtual reality “helmet”, fully immersed virtual reality, or a variety of virtual applications that allow customers to interact with your product in the digital world.

This type of presentation takes a significant amount of preparation (and money), but it is a vitally effective way to draw interest and gain customers. Some versions of this technology are downloadable mobile apps and games that can be stored on mobile devices. This makes it a great takeaway marketing tool that is far more effective than brochures.There are many exhibition stand specialists who can guide you on how to implement this form of technology into your design.


Using iPads at your exhibition stand will both draw people in and save you a lot of time. You can use them to gather email addresses and other customer information without using pen and paper or a bulkier laptop. There are so many other ways to take advantage of iPads, including collecting survey information on your presentation, running product demos and even taking orders.

iPads are a low-cost way to make your stand more interactive. You can instantly email price sheets, links or product information to interested attendees. As a promotional bonus, you can tweet information about the tradeshow and tag participants to generate longer term interest via social media. One blog recommends bringing clear covers to keep the screen clean, especially if you use iPads for demos. You will also want to secure them from theft so that you don’t lose a great tool halfway through the exhibition.

Triggered Technology

The element of surprise never grows old. Use this more sophisticated technology to create an interactive floor display that changes as people walk over it, or utilise motion sensors to trigger sound and light that attract attention to a station where customers can watch interactive videos.

For some products, it might be appropriate to incorporate games as part of the display. For example, you can give away swag and product samples if attendees get a basketball in the hoop. This type of display can be more expensive and detailed to set up. So, it is worthwhile to get help in designing the appropriate stand to ensure that your display fits your product and goals.

With a little imagination and research, you can make the most of your exhibition experience and follow in the footsteps of the many successful companies that started out in exactly the same way, through a determined effort to effectively win and keep customers.