Online Digital Entertainment: What’s Trending?

2017 marks a decade since the very first iPhone was launched, completely changing how we stay in contact, consume media and even how we pay for things. The world of digital entertainment is always changing – and the advancements in mobile and tablet technology is only helping the sector to grow further.

Now, over 70% of British adults now own a smart phone – and that is a figure that is only expected to continue to grow – meaning an increasing number of entertainment sectors are now appearing online or through apps, alongside more traditional entertainment methods.

As we reach the end of February – what changes will 2017 see in the online digital entertainment industry?

Social Media

Whilst it is not always considered a traditional form of entertainment, an increasing number of people are turning towards social media for their entertainment. In fact, social media is Britain’s favourite form of online entertainment with over 17% of the UK’s total online time taking place on social media platforms.

Since the launch of the camera phone, photos, videos and now live streaming have paved the way for how we share our lives with our loved ones. Long gone are the days of printing out your photos in the chemist and inviting your friends over to see them, now we can stand almost anywhere in the world and live stream what we can see to our friends anywhere in the world.

2017 is thought to bring a much greater integration with artificial intelligence as well as more streaming, more virtual reality and more micro-influencing – helping us to consume more of what we want to see, and less of what we don’t.

Live Streaming

Whether you’re addicted to Netflix, you wouldn’t cheat on Amazon Prime or you’re a catch-up TV fan – streaming has changed the way we watch television. Smart TVs with universal SmartCast TV remotes like the ones you can find at websites such as have taken the TV watching experience to a whole new level. Long gone are the days of watching shows we hate, now we can watch what we want when we want on our TV or laptop.

2017 is expected to see even further advances in live streaming, with the launches of multiple international streaming apps – helping American TV fans in the UK keep up to date with shows from across the pond without the expensive TV package – as well other exciting changes for the series bingers out there.

Online Gaming

Whether you’re glued to Candy Crush, you fancy your luck with the horses or you’re trying to catch em’ all – we all love gaming, especially from our phones and tablet devices. And of course, there’s never a shortage of avid gamers who are always discussing the latest RPG or adventure games; thanks to companies like Lilithgames, these gaming geeks always have plenty to be occupied with. Whether it’s for a PS4, a PC or Mac, or any other gaming console, the number of online game options are only increasing day by day.

2017 is thought to bring an even bigger number of gamers to online gaming, with the closing of many high-street bookies – who are building huge online communities to replace them online. When choosing which games have the best offers – especially when you’re playing for money – a site like can help you find the best deal to suit you and your gaming needs.

2017 is also thought to see the introduction of more “live action” style games after the success of Pokémon Go in late 2016 – which saw players playing through their phones, but through real time maps, encouraging many people outside to get further in the game.

What online digital entertainment trend are you most looking forward to?