4 Pros of Pay Per Click Advertising

Are you thinking of investing in pay per click (PPC) advertising but can’t seem to justify it to yourself, a client, supervisor, or someone who needs convincing? 

We can help you. In this article, we’ve highlighted the various benefits of pay per click advertising. If you’ve been looking for a fast and effective way to advertise online, pay per click is definitely one of the best ways to do that. 

Here’s why:

Generates Great ROI

According to reports from Google, PPC campaigns are capable of yielding 1.50 for every 70p that’s spent on a campaign. That’s a whopping 200 percent return on ad spend (ROAS). But if that ad campaign is run on the Google Search Network, that number can easily go up to 5.70 ROAS for every 70p.

Obviously, this is a pretty good outcome, but it’s solid enough for businesses to invest in Google Ads. But it’s not just Google alone that offers this ad channel. Other platforms such as Facebook, Bing (now Microsoft Ads), and Amazon offer great ad channels that you can explore too. 

And they all convert pretty well if your ad copy, keyword groups, and targeting are done correctly. If you own a small business and want a reliable advertising channel that can generate decent returns, you should definitely try pay per click ads.  

Can Be Tracked and Measured

Ever heard the saying that “whatever is measured gets done”? Well, that’s the leverage that a pay per click ad campaign can provide. You can literally track where every cent goes and see who clicked what page and where they clicked it from. 

In fact, depending on how deep you’re willing to drill, you can gather a combination of data that will help you create a more efficient ad campaign. This means that your campaign will reach a more relevant audience, thus leading to significantly higher conversion rates and lower ad costs. That said, if you’re looking for someone to help you with the PPC marketing strategies, a Digital marketing agency Bath or elsewhere might be of immense help.

Helps Accelerate your Revenue Goals

Because you can now measure and track your campaigns, you’re able to predictably determine what your revenues will look like. 

For example, if your campaign has been consistently yielding 50 percent ROAS, it means that for every 70p you spend, you’ll get back 1. Based on that predictable data, you can easily scale your ad budgets and grow your revenue in the process. 

Results are Near-Instant

PPC is similar to a switch in the sense that you can turn your ad campaigns on or off at will. This kind of power makes it possible for you to test different metrics, creatives, platforms, or ideas and see what works. 

For example, if you’ve just added a new product to your inventory, you can quickly set up a campaign specifically for that product and see how it performs. Done correctly, you can get very quick feedback –within 24-72 hours– on specific products and/or ideas. 

Finally, this ad channel gives you the incredibly powerful ability to control your traffic and predict your success. Plus, it complements other marketing methods that you may be using currently.