3 Ways That Store Owners Can Attract More Customers

While the economy is going through a difficult period, it’s more important than ever to focus on attracting new customers. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, whether it’s standalone or a key part of your operation, getting more foot traffic is essential to help you get more sales. Here are some ways in which you can attract more customers to your physical location.

  • Ensure you have clear signage inside and out

Firstly, you should focus on your exterior signage. You should make sure that your store’s sign is clear, easy to read, and gives an indication of what you do. A sign that’s unclear or looks cheap could potentially put off customers passing by, or mean that people who are specifically looking for your store drive right by it.

You should also make sure there’s clear signage inside your store, especially if you have different departments. Therefore, you may want to install point of purchase signs that can draw people straight towards special offers or items and make your interior a little more eye-catching. Doing so will mean fewer people wandering around and giving up because they can’t find what they want.

  • Create an open storefront with amazing window displays

People will instinctively avoid stores that have narrow doorways, or otherwise look cluttered or blocked at the entrance. Similarly, window displays can entice people inside to browse and also encourage them to buy certain products at certain times. For example, when summer is on the way, displaying beach clothing or outdoor goods will encourage people to “get in the spirit.” In fact, customers will often go out of their way to see specific window displays if they are impressive enough. Here is your chance to show off your creative flair by designing and executing amazing holiday window displays that attract attention as people walk by. Your storefront should also be easy to access, have a few tempting products at hand without being overwhelming, and have space for staff to greet people as they come into the store.

Specfic stores such as pharmacies, dispensaries, or bookstores can have educational displays or signage as well, as a marketing tactic. For example, scientific posters or digital news boards are more likely to catch people’s attention than traditional window displays. Such methods ensure that you have more customers coming in to browse or take an interest in the products that you’re selling. And don’t forget that you’re going to want to make sure that your window is nice and clean so that customers can clearly see what’s in the window and you can demonstrate that you take pride in your shop’s appearance. You can either do this yourself, or with the help of someone like this professional Oasis wc company if you want to guarantee a beautiful finish.

  • Offer click and collect

If you also sell your products online, there are some advantages to offering click and collect:

  • It cuts down on delivery and fulfillment costs at your end
  • People come to your store to pick up the item, so they’re more likely to browse and buy more
  • It increases awareness of your physical stores, without affecting your online sales
  • Customers often prefer a free click-and-collect option compared to paying for postage

It’s easy to set up a click-and-collect option for transactions, and it could help you to increase foot traffic and ensure your store is buzzing.

While online ordering is the preferred choice for many customers, brick-and-mortar stores are an important part of most businesses, and you can still get people to come to your physical location. Work on grabbing attention and giving people a reason to come in, plus creating a welcoming atmosphere that’ll make passing customers unable to resist.