You Have To Follow The 3 Most Important Guidelines For DME Billing Services

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 all around the globe, practitioners have to become more concerned about encouraging their patients and promote self-care. In this case, durable medical equipment plays an important role.

With the help of DME, physicians can help patients to stay healthy from remote locations. With the proper guidelines of physicians, patients can perform their daily tasks despite their medical conditions at their homes.

Ultimately, it would also reduce patient volume from the physician’s office and help them to fight against the current pandemic of COVID-19. But physicians should make sure that their administrative staff is following the most important guidelines for DME medical billing services.

Moreover, durable medical billing equipment is less expensive for patients than a complete medical treatment in any healthcare facility. Therefore, patients can easily purchase to achieve the right support during any medical condition. In this regard, physicians can also consider using ems billing services, to make the life of patients and themselves easier during this time.

Any equipment that can help patients to withstand any injury or specific medical coding i.e wheelchair, walkers, arm slings, and comfort rings are considered as durable medical equipment.

But patients require a complete prescription from physicians to use DME. Therefore, only licensed physicians should recommend their patients if they need to purchase any DME. usually, patients agree to buy such equipment only if they need it for an extended period of time.

For instance, patients can purchase a blood glucose monitor because it can be used regularly and it isn’t quite expensive.

So practitioners should keep two factors in mind while prescribing to completely purchase a DME;

  • Price.
  • Time of Usage.

Moreover, physicians should also provide documents that reflect the significance of their past rented durable medical equipment by the improvement in the patient’s health. It can also be beneficial to keep track of such rented equipment and patient records. For that, a medical practice can use Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions from companies similar to PatientNow to stay up-to-date on all the necessary information. (Learn More about PatientNow)

Once, you find out the right reasons to prescribe a DME, you should abide by the following guidelines for DME billing services. So you can claim your rent for DME being in the right position.

Guidelines for DME Medical Billing Services:

  1. Providers should make sure that they do not cost the rent of DME more than the actual price of that particular equipment.
  2. Also, they should timely file the medical claim to collect the rent for DME.
  3. When patients do not longer need any DME then practitioners should make sure that they immediately return their rent back to the patients.
  4. Physicians can charge rent for DME to patients on a daily or monthly basis.
  5. In case, if they haven’t rent any equipment to any patient in the past and it has reached its allowed amount. Then patients have the right to own that equipment forever.

Guidelines For DME Repairs and Maintainance:

  1. Certainly, some equipment requires additional cost for maintenance. If any damage occurs to the equipment during usage then practitioners should follow the guidelines for the repairment.
  2. If it is impossible to repair durable medical equipment due to its condition then physicians should replace it with a more useful one.
  3. During DME medical billing services, practitioners should make that their medical billing specialists mention the rental fees in medical claims. This rental fee may include the cost of repair, delivery and maintenance.
  4. Also, medical billers should charge for the time duration. For this purpose, they should keep a track record of the maintenance period. This time period varies from one month to six months depending upon the condition of particular equipment.
  5. The alleged time of repair and maintenance services start right from the nest day of delivering DME to the member.

Why Do You Need To Outsource DME Medical Billing Services?

Its very difficult for physicians to focus on patient care services to keep the ledger of the rents of DME up-to-date. So instead of delving into that hassle, practitioners can adopt smart medical billing solutions.

Hence, when practitioners outsource DME billing services then they can get assistance from professional medical billing specialists. Hence, a dedicated workforce will be managing your accounts from account receivables. Thus, you wouldn’t need to worry about any failure in payment collections.

Because a professional medical billing company is aggressively following-up on your revenue cycle management. They are also answerable to you for claim getting reimbursed and denied at the same time because of the contract they sign with you. So they strive to prepare your every claim with great care so it can get successfully reimbursed.

It also drops down your claim denial rate and improves your revenue stream. Moreover, when you outsource DME medical billing services then you can also lower down your workload easily. Because a reliable team of medical billing specialists would be dealing with your bills and keep sending you gentle reminders about the revenue they collect on your behalf.

Also, outsourcing DME billing services enable you to provide a satisfactory patient experience. Lets think for a moment! if a physician is going to keep busy in phone calls with payers then whose gonna treat the patients with a relaxed mind.

Therefore, in order to free yourself from the burden of administrative responsibilities. You should rely on outsourcing DME medical billing services so you can invest your time in those areas that matter the most_ satisfied patients.


Practitioners should analyze the medical condition of a patient and prescribe them durable medical equipment if necessary. In this aspect, they should follow some essential guidelines to keep their practice safe from legal penalties and proceedings. They should apply these rules when the patients purchase, rent and ask for the repair/ maintenance of the equipment. In case, if it gets complicated then practitioners should acquire innovative billing solutions. They should outsource DME billing services to acquire assistance from medical billing companies.

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