How to Write a Good Customer Service Resume

We have all heard the phrase ‘first impressions count’. It’s absolutely true, and when it comes to applying for a job, your resume is the first impression the potential employer will get. There is a world of difference between a well-written resume, and one that will simply end up in the bin. Remember, every job advert will receive many responses, so the employer needs to start cutting down the candidate list somewhere. That’s what the resume is for, and it pays to have an effective and carefully written one done for you.

Any customer service role requires a special set of skills. These are also some of the most popular jobs of all, especially for younger people who are looking to get their foot on the ladder. Customer service is a general term; you may be facing people across a counter, or talking to them on the phone. You could also be joining a team of operatives and be handed your own accounts to handle. Whatever role you are applying for, your resume needs to highlight your appropriateness for the job, and that’s why it is important to take time when constructing your resume.

What to Include

Before we go on to give you some ideas about what to put in your resume, it needs to be stressed that you may need to tailor it to different applications. You need to construct a basic framework that can possibly be amended easily for specific roles, so it is not necessarily entirely generic. The standard information remains the same. You need to include your contact details, your work experience, any other information that may be relevant to the job in question, and also an indication of why you believe you are the right candidate for the job.

It is also important to remember that the employer will not have a lot of time to dwell on your resume. For this reason, the vital information – your experience and qualifications in particular – needs to be accessible and preferably among the first text on the page. You can get some excellent ideas about writing a customer service resume at this guide at Copy My Resume, an expert service that can help you a great deal.

Be Prepared

When your excellent resume results in an invitation to interview, you need to prepare thoroughly. Research the company, and be aware of its place in the market, and go armed with some sensible questions. The interviewer will be more impressed if you have done your homework than if you turn up without any knowledge of what the company is all about.

Many people find the prospect of an interview stressful. If you have a well-written resume you have already given them plenty of information about yourself, so you should try to relax and treat the interview as a spoken extension of your resume. Take your time to prepare, and concentrate on the facts you have, and you will sail through the interview with flying colours.