Why you should have eco bags even if you aren’t a retail business

Being more eco-friendly is becoming more important to individuals and businesses all across the world. Large shopping chains are starting to introduce alternatives to plastic products, countries are banning plastic bags, and even small retailers are making steps to ensure they are offering more sustainable products to their customers.

Eco bags such as those made from paper or materials like cotton and jute are an important step on reducing the amount of single-use plastic we are using in our daily lives.

Even if you aren’t a retailer selling physical products, there are still many reasons why you should consider stocking up on some eco-friendly and reusable bags.

Great for staff use

Having reusable bags in the office is a great way to encourage your staff to reduce how many plastic bags they are using or purchasing.

If you keep a selection of cotton or jute bags hung up by the door of the office, staff can easily grab one on their way out if they are going to buy some lunch or pop to the shops.

Staff and clients can even be given one to take home for personal use. 

Get your company noticed

There are branding options available for all paper and eco bags, with endless possibilities of design and colour combinations.

By opting for bespoke printed bags, you are opening the opportunity for your brand to be seen in more places than it may otherwise be. Your bags could be as simple as having a logo printed on one side, or could include a more elaborate design to really show off the personality of your company.

If you run training, or attend workshops then getting bags printed is a no brainer! 

Show everyone that you are being conscious of your environmental footprint

As the environmental impact of what we use becomes more apparent, it’s not going to hurt to show the public, clients and potential clients that you are working to reduce how much of a negative impact your company is having.

Bags may be a simple way of showing your commitment, but they are a practical item for everyone at the office be it for taking to the shops, client meetings or for storing notes in. People will always find a use for bags, so there is no harm in starting there.