Why brand collaborations work on custom printed paper bags

Whilst collaborations between brands are nothing new they have come into prominence in recent years. Brands like Supreme and Gucci have started offering more exclusive collaboration items as a way to build anticipation and target different segments of the market. Keep reading to find out how a collaboration custom printed paper bag could be the perfect way to diversify your physical brand image.

  1. They get your bag in front of different customers

When it comes to getting benefits from your physical branding one of the most important things to consider is the number of potential customers you can get your brand in front of. Collaborating with a complimentary brand for your custom printed paper bag will give you access to a whole new market. Our top tip is to look for ‘competitors’ where a potential collaboration represents an interesting business opportunity for both parties.

  • They allow you to strengthen your environmental image

Whether you think paper bags are better or worse for the environment than their plastic counterparts, they are viewed by the market in general as an environmentally sustainable product. Getting your branding out their alongside as many custom printed paper bags as possible is, therefore, a bit of a no-brainer. Get into contact with some similar brands who may be interested in workinug with you to strengthen the perceived sustainability of your brand.

  • Brand collaborations let you work with some awesome people

Networking is an activity that not only benefits the business you work for but also the future prospects of your career. Equally getting an outside perspective on your designs through a collaboration with other industry professionals could give you an opportunity to develop your own work. A collaboration on a custom printed paper bag could be the perfect way to create professional relationships with others in your industry.

Make sure you go with a good manufacturer for your collaboration

Good brand collaborations can benefit both parties, however, a poor one can be equally as damaging to both of the businesses involved. We recommend going with an expert custom printed paper bag manufacturer to ensure you create a brand collaboration that your customers will feel comfortable buying from.