What Are Your Legal Options If You Were Involved in a Truck Accident in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is the sixth-most populous and busiest city in the US. As workers, students, and residents commute through the city; it can lead to heavily congested roadways and interstates at times.

As a result, accidents are prevalent in the city, posing a danger of unavoidable crashes. Especially big-rig trucks that frequent famous highways in Philadelphia like I-676 can pose a significant risk for drivers and result in unforeseen mishaps that lead to fatal accidents.

If you or your loved one sustain injuries due to a collision with a commercial freight truck in Philadelphia, it’s essential to know your legal options. A personal injury lawyer Philadelphia can come to your rescue to recover rightful compensation for your losses arising from the truck accident.

Here’s how having a legal aide by your side can help you defend your rights:

Negotiate with Insurance Adjusters

According to a PennDOT report, there were 127,127 auto accidents throughout the state in 2015, out of which 12.4% involved heavy trucks. Since truck wrecks can result in serious injuries, it’s vital to talk to a trusted personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia to know your rights.

As insurance adjusters of the trucking company may try to deal with you and negotiate a settlement, you need to push for the rightful compensation you deserve and not give in easily.

According to the statute of limitations in Philadelphia, you can file a lawsuit if not satisfied with your insurance settlement offer within two years after the accident. Otherwise, your case can end up being dismissed.

Though you have enough time, it’s best to seek legal representation immediately for greater chances of winning your case.

File a Lawsuit

To establish liability and uncover compensation for a truck accident in Philadelphia, the lawyers you enlist will identify the parties responsible for the damage. While the driver may often bear the blame, there can be other parties involved, including the trucking company, manufacturer of the truck in case of malfunctioning of parts, etc.

Once they identify all the defendants, a lawyer will help to determine fault and prove liability. As truck accidents turn out to be fatal and commonly occur in Philadelphia’s turnpikes, the heavy truck was often the striking vehicle among vehicle collisions.

The lawyers will, beyond doubt, try to prove the negligence or recklessness of the truck driver and the employer trucking company who may have hired an unqualified driver. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer could prove essential when accidents of this sort occur. In case you would want to learn more, you could hop over at kellylegalgroup.com and get more information about the same!

Show the Extent of Damages

In addition to proving liability, the lawyer can also help you establish the extent of your damages. This can include physical injuries, mental anguish, loss of income, and medical costs, etc. As a result, you can file a legal claim for the full extent of the damages and get a favorable outcome.

Despite the small number of truck crashes in Philadelphia, they have the highest number of fatalities and even wrongful death at times. Data indicates that roughly 15 crashes occur every hour, with nine injuries and one death every seven hours in Philadelphia.

Therefore, the extent of damages can be severe when it comes to a truck accident in Philadelphia. From investigating your case thoroughly, establishing the merits, and hiring expert witnesses to prove liability, only an experienced personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia can preserve your legal rights until the end and push for fair compensation.