USANA Commended for its Oral Care line, Top PR Pro

USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) continues to be a global leader in the area of health and wellness products. This is due, in many ways, to its high quality products as well as a strong emphasis on helping consumers discover the best products for their life and lifestyle.

Its efforts since the early 1990s have also brought in a variety of commendations from various industry groups over the years. Although USANA officials don’t go out of their way to focus entirely on winning honors and industry recognition opportunities, any public recognition is certainly welcomed and appreciated. The same goes for its employees, who make sure to always focus on customers first, but still appreciate recognition from industry colleagues when it comes.

In total, the company received more than 60 awards throughout 2020 and also posted high revenue especially in its third quarter, where sales increased 14.5 percent from the same point in 2019, $260.5 million in fall quarter 2019 compared to $298.5 million in fall 2020.

One of the more significant honors in 2020 came from the Direct Selling Association, an organization that annually recognizes new services or products that reflect high innovation and an overall strong standard of excellence.

The Direct Selling Association presented USANA’s recently-released Oral Care line with its annual Product Innovation award.

The creative product line brings together USANA’s fluoride-free Whitening Toothpaste with its Oral Probiotic to help users always have a clean, fresh mouth using scientifically-advanced ingredients. It also has a goal of encouraging good oral hygiene habits. Plus, good oral health can lead to a better, brighter smile and a better outlook on life.

Dan Macuga, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, said the award was welcome and showed the value of the Oral Care line. All the departments that worked on it should be commended.

“Our Oral Care line is truly unique,” he said. “Our products are like nothing available on the market today.”

Reimer-Arias honored

Another noteworthy accomplishment in 2020 was earned by USANA Executive Director of Marketing and Social Media Jessica Reimer-Arias, who PR News named as one of the Top Women in PR.

Each year, the organization chooses prominent women in the field of public relations and communications who are great at what they do, whether it’s improving internal efforts or effective outreach to clients and the community. Demonstrating excellence in areas such as crisis management, community relations, diversity initiatives, media relations and “thinking outside of the box” also can play a role. All the honorees were said to be successful in their respective industries but also demonstrate a good deal of passion for whatever task they’re working on.

Jessica Reimer-Arias has been part of the areas of public relations, social media and marketing for more than 15 years.

While at USANA, she has been actively involved in several successful projects including more than20 product launches over the last two years.  These included the award-winning Oral Care line, along with the Celavive skin care line.

She currently heads the Social Media and Marketing departments along with the product portfolio teams. She previously led the company’s Public Relations team. Her roles also include creating influencer marketing campaigns as well as creating the popular holiday gift guides.

Her efforts have also helped in the development of Kids Eat, a Utah-based charity that makes sure more than 56,000 children receive regular meals. USANA recently acquired Kids Eat.

Ashley Collins, the company’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, calls Jessica Reimer-Arias “a true inspiration” and “a strong female leader.”

She went on to say that Jessica Reimer-Arias has grown extensively as a marketing professional over the last decade.

Past honors

The two most recent honors are only a small selection of the awards that USANA employees, products or the entire company has received over the years.

USANA began in 1992, and since that time, it has received more than 700 awards at the national, international and local levels.

One especially notable one was presented in 1992 by Global Health and Pharma magazine. It declared USANA the top Health Supplement Company of the Year, a notable honor which was announced at the annual Biotechnology Awards.

The award was based on nomination as well as research by the Global Health and Pharma team. The same organization awarded USANA with the title of Best Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer in 2018.

Other prominent awards in 2019 included the Best of State awards, given to innovative Utah companies; Direct Selling News award for accomplishments in its industry; and a Stevie Award, given for overall quality of product, financial success as well as creativity.  


USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) is known for creating a variety of high-quality nutritional products. Customers can either buy them through an independent USANA Associate or directly through USANA.  Its global presence includes locations in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Seoul, the Philippines, Paris and more. 

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