The Inside Track on Business Travel: Apps to Help you Stay on Top of your Schedule

Traveling can be associated with whimsical notions and bucket lists. Other travelers do it strictly for business. When there’s no time to take in the sights and appreciate exotic weather, some need to stay on top of business matters and the established schedule. Here’s how to access the inside track when traveling for business.


If you’re traveling on a budget or have a boss who appreciates your knack for saving, you should check-out Hopper. Put in your planned route and the app will alert you as to when to buy the cheapest flight tickets. Why spend time stressing about saving on plane tickets when you can use that business time more effectively?


It’s so simple it is genius! Skype allows you to connect face-to-face with business partners and clients. It’s also an intimate way to keep in touch with the ones you love when away. Do you need to gather a few personalities for an impromptu meeting? Video conference with up to nine others.

Hotel Tonight

Nothing is desirable about sleeping in an airport. It happens to business travelers who can’t juggle their itinerary or pivot hotel accommodations when necessary. Hotel Tonight scans availabilities in cities all over the world. See what is available right now or in the next seven days.

Weather Live

It’s free and allows you to get the latest on weather details. Don’t rely on the forecasts of major television networks. Get insight on local weather or particulars on cities spanning the globe. Get detailed forecasts in an instant so there are never travel surprises or hassles.


Nothing is worse than feeling rushed. Imagine having plans to meet a business prospect and driving around a crowded city in the noon hours looking for a parking spot. This app gives information related to the location and prices of parking areas and garages spanning the nation.


It takes enough energy to book a flight, find a hotel room, and rent a car. It’s annoying to have to retrieve information from three separate emails throughout the journey. Tripit allows you to forward itinerary so all of your trip info is in one place.


Don’t feel bad about being particular about your plane seat. A few hours is a long time to be in the sky, feeling cramped and unable to do work. Finding the right seat can make a huge difference. SeatGuru roves through opportunities until it finds your ideal seat.

Google Translate

The tool has been around for some time and continues to improve. The ability to take a picture and have an image translated is one of the app’s latest conveniences. To date, it allows for instant translation of over 100 world languages.


Traveling affords rewards. Keep all flight miles and hotel and credit card points in one place. Do you have a diner’s card? Maintain all travel points information in one place and don’t forget a chance to save, upgrade, or go top-shelf.