Tips For Writing A Great Customer Review

Writing a great customer review does not necessarily mean that you enjoyed whatever it is you are reviewing.  A great review means that you adequately described your experience and offered up solid, constructive criticism.  

Businesses need honest and impartial incite on their products and services to make them better.  Efficiency is obtained through adjustment and education. Here are a few helpful tips on how to write a customer review that is worth the time it takes to read it.  

Provide plenty of detail

The whole point of reading a review is to get a user’s perspective on what is good or bad about a certain product/service.  People want to understand what the product is really like, instead of trusting the candy-coated marketing written by the product’s distributor.  

The more specific information you can provide for readers, the better the post.  To boost your review’s efficiency, try adding videos or pictures to enhance the reader’s understanding.  

Formulate your title to engage users

The titles of your customer review should give a small peek into the content of the article.  People should know exactly what you’re reviewing, and be enticed by the title of your piece.

For example, a review for some sort of storage device might read, “Cut The Clutter & Boost Efficiency.”  Check out how this business website uses enticing headlines to grab viewer’s attention.  There are “clickable” captions all over the page.  

Review both negatives and positives

A good review shows the good and bad side of a product.  Say a t-shirt is super comfortable, but the specific brand tends to shrink a lot when dried.  People need to know the upside and the downside of the t-shirt.

Telling both sides of the story in your review will give buyers a more educated basis from which to draw their conclusion on whether to purchase the product or move onto something new.  

Make sure to cover a range of elements

There are several different perspectives to cover when writing a strong review.  Every product has different facets of use. Try to investigate as many different aspects of the product as possible.  

Let us return to the example of the t-shirt.  There are many different aspects of a t-shirt that make it desirable.  Investigate the fit, the material, the optional colors/styles, and whatever else comes to mind.  The point is, a great t-shirt checks more than one box.

Keep it professional

The best piece of advice to remember when you write a product review is to keep it professional.  You can’t just say the product sucks. There is also no room for slander. Don’t get dirty with your review just because you had a negative experience.