Tips For Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Many individuals use and check their emails every day while eating, during exercise, and even on the road.

This has made email marketing a credible method of communication between brands and their customers. Email marketing is not only affordable but makes it very easy for brands to regularly update their customers on valuable offers.

Email marketing is an amazing method of developing a brand identity as it directly links the inbox of both new and existing customers to the brand. As long as your audience is receiving valuable content, you will have an edge over your competitors within a short time.

Customers are known to act on impulse and email marketing can be used to trigger this impulse by offering valuable products that are relevant to their needs.

Apart from promoting a healthy relationship between brands and their customers, implementing email marketing tools can also help to generate traffic to websites by including relevant links that can make customers engage with their contents on the website which will eventually boost sales.

Therefore, to plan a successful and effective email marketing campaign, the following tips can help you get started, especially if this is your first email campaign.

Email drip campaigns

An email drip campaign is a series of automated emails that are sent to a lead after a specific action has been taken. For instance, a lead might begin to get relevant emails on a topic after downloading an ebook that is related to that topic. The final email from the campaign might contain a CTA that could contain a link to an offer.

Email drip campaigns are an efficient method of building a strong relationship with a lead. However, it is important to write email copies that are sincere, sharp, and reveals that you will always provide value. Your leads should also feel like their lifestyle would be improved through your content from the start.

Since drip campaigns are prompted based on the action of the user, there is a higher probability of generating a response. Furthermore considering the timely, relevant, and targeted nature of drip campaigns, they often outperform other email sends. According to Experian, drip campaign emails have a 58.7 percent open rate than normal emails.

Opt for an email verifier

Undoubtedly, the last thing you want to do is to purchase an email list, send out a blast email and hope everything works out.

So, in order to run a successful email campaign, your email lists must be verified and most importantly, qualified. This could be done with the help of an email finder such as RocketReach (click on

Verifying your email list will save you from the hassles of deliverability and the sender’s reputation, especially at the beginning of your campaign.

To successfully run an email marketing campaign, the first step is to ensure that the email list is verified. Then, you need to qualify these lists. A qualified email list is a list of those who have shown interest in offers relating to your niche.

Your email list can be qualified by having a system where your customers opt-in to receive your emails. This method will facilitate proper segmentation and targeting in your email campaign.

However, do not overlook the importance of an email validator before running your email campaign. This will not only make sure that your email list is ready to receive your email, but it would also help you avoid possible bounce rates and deliverability issues.

Use visuals (images and videos)

Apart from creating an appealing subject line and valuable content in your email copy, a critical element that brings them together is the use of visuals.

Typically, your customers receive several emails every day which they skip through most of them to check if it’s worth their time. But visuals in your email copy can help to retain the attention of the reader in an engaging way.

Although the copy is very important in the email, you must communicate your message as quickly as possible because the brain is known to process visuals faster than text.

Appearance says a lot when it comes to email marketing. Plain text emails easily appear impersonal and cold which implies that the visual effect of your email will determine if your message will be read and possibly engaged with.

When using visual effects in your emails, you need to ensure that the image or video appears good, pronounce the sentiment of your brand, and most importantly, relevant to your message. Avoid using huge-sized images and videos that would take longer to load or download but keep in mind that the photos must be of good quality.

You can also integrate a visual effect in your CTA to boost your click-through rates and make sure the landing page has similar visual attractiveness.

Avoid spam triggers

Regardless of how visually attractive or appealing your email content is, it will have zero effect if it doesn’t arrive in the inbox of your recipients.

It is always important for any brand to ensure that their emails don’t get caught by the automated spam filter or end up in the spam folder. Sending emails that get caught by spam triggers will not only make you lose your customers and potential sales, it would also lead to being blacklisted by major email providers which could affect future promotional campaigns.

Creating spam-proof emails is usually very easy as long as your messages follow the CAN-SPAM ACT. This law should always be prioritized and made the center point of your email marketing strategy.

Typically, the first step is to ensure that spam triggering words are avoided in your messages, particularly in the subject line. These trigger words will signal to spam filters that the message isn’t relevant to the audience.

Readers are also known to delete or report emails they have no personal connection with so ensure that you introduce personalization in your email copies. Avoid sending emails to purchased or unverified lists to avoid being blacklisted and make sure that your list is properly segmented to receive a brief, targeted, valuable and relevant content always.

Final words

Creating a successful and effective email marketing campaign can be quite difficult and requires a lot of learning. But email marketing creates an opportunity to keep in touch with both new and existing customers which goes beyond just sending out email copies. In case you are interested in email marketing and its various uses in advertising in the modern day and times, multiple online resources could guide you to gain more knowledge about it.

Email marketing can build brand awareness, generate traffic, help to achieve the business bottom line, all with a very little marketing budget. You can easily launch a successful email marketing campaign with very little experience by following the tips provided and focus more time on improving your business.