Tips for impressing a new customer when taking their call

Nowadays, each communication platform has its own place when it comes to business. Social media, emails, live chat, and web enquiries all play an equal part – but the phone is the still the preferred choice for business communications.

The low down on business calls

In the US alone, every year, some $41 billion is lost due to poor customer service – 58% of customers will refuse to use a company’s services or products again following a bad experience. With that being said, it’s worth remembering that 46% of customers prefer to discuss complicated issues over the phone.

Not only are phone calls useful for resolving issues, but they can also be a great tool for impressing new customers. First impressions have the ability to make or a break a business – positive experiences help to create long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships.

How to impress customers when taking a call


But they can’t see you, right? True, but research has proven that there is a distinct difference in tonal quality between people who smile over the phone and people who don’t. Consciously, or subconsciously, your customers will be able to pick up on it. Friendly interaction with a customer can go a long way, so, regardless of the reason for the call – smile.

Stay transparent

Set reasonable expectations when it comes to the phone call protocol for your business, and make sure such expectations are exceeded. If the caller is looking to speak to someone else within the company, connect them as soon as possible. If it’s you, and you have a meeting scheduled, let the caller know, and reassure them you will return the call at a time that suits them.

Use sincerity to create connections

One way to gain an edge over your competitors is to pursue personal relationships with your clients – your customer service strategy is one aspect of your business that cannot be imitated. Ask your caller about their day, or if they have any plans for the weekend. It could even be something a simple as wishing them a pleasant evening.

Organisation is key

Keep a pen and paper next to your desk at all times. This will allow you to easily keep track of who called, the time they called, and the reason why. That way, you’re able to pass information on to the intended recipients, and the caller will be content when their enquiry is followed up on in a competent manner.

Good connection is key

Mobile phones are advancing far faster than the humble landline, and have transformed the way businesses operate. So, could this be the end for landlines? Maybe, but not quite yet, at least for businesses – a good landline connection is still fundamental in impressing a new customer during a call. Every time a call drops, so does the likelihood of a conversation. It can also undermine the authority of your business, as it shows you haven’t properly invested in technology to cater to customers’ time and needs.

Dropping calls to friends and family is frustrating enough, but dropping a business call could prove disastrous. With a landline, you’re guaranteed a reliable line of communication with your customers at all times – a trustworthy demeanour for you and your business to maintain, with both your landline and mobile communications. These practices apply to phone calls, but also when doing email support. Whether its Telus webmail support or phone call support for an app you own, you should follow good practices to keep customers happy.