The Trick to Handling a Spider Infestation in Your Living Space

Do you have one or more spiders lurking in the corners of your home? If so, are you aware that a couple of spiders is an indication that there is more than likely a spider infestation somewhere in your living space? If so, how do you remove the spiders and keep them out?

Many people are petrified of spiders. There is actually a recognized phobia known as arachnophobia. And, these people want every sign of a spider in their living space removed. While, on the other hand, other citizens of the world are passionate about spiders and everything to do with arachnids.


All about spiders

Spiders are arachnids. They belong to the same genus as daddy long legs, ticks, mites, and scorpions. Adult arachnids have four pairs, or eight, legs whereas insects only have six legs. All arachnids have segmented bodies, divided into two sections, and they each have a pair of pincers that can inject venom into their prey.

Although most spiders have venom in their front pincers, they are not all poisonous to people. However, there are spiders like the Black Widow Spider that are incredibly poisonous and will kill an adult if enough poison is injected at the time the bite occurred.

Consequently, this fact is the raison d’etre for calling in a St Louis spider exterminator to remove the spiders from your home.

Keeping spiders out of your living space

While it is not necessary to be petrified of spiders, it is also not a good idea to allow spiders to share your living space. Thus, once the Pest Authority of Birmingham, or whichever company you might have called for help, have removed the spiders from your home, here are several tips to prevent a re-infestation from occurring:

Keep your home clean and tidy

Spiders will move into your home for many reasons, primarily because of the following:

Because they are carnivores, they eat flies, ants, and other insects that will invade your home if food is left lying around the kitchen. Succinctly stated, spiders will inhabit any space they can, especially if it is close to their food source.

Thus, it is vital to wash dishes as soon as they have been used, throw rubbish into a bin, sweep up food scraps, and clean kitchen countertops regularly.

Ensure you are up to date with all home maintenance tasks

This point’s goal is to make sure that spiders cannot get into your home from the outside. There are always a number of home maintenance chores like repairing holes in insect screens, patching holes in your house’s and outbuildings’ exterior walls, as well as making sure that the roof does not have any missing or broken tiles.

Keep your yard tidy

Spiders hide in cool dark environments. Thus, it is essential to keep your yard neat and tidy. It is vital to make sure that the grass is kept short and grass clippings and fallen leaves are raked up. Additionally, ensure that firewood piles are stacked neatly, and all broken tree branches lying around either must be disposed of or stacked in the firewood pile.