The Modern Day Household Should be more Energy Efficient

When it comes to our energy needs, we love having the most energy-efficient products available. That’s why platforms such as Switch My Energy are growing in popularity, with more and more homeowners realising that sometimes all it takes could be just switching their supplier. And most of us strive to live within our utility’s utility bill by upgrading our homes and appliances to the latest in energy-saving technology.

Today we are going to look at some ways we can make our homes and appliances more energy-efficient.

1. Weatherisation and Insulation

Weatherisation can be the most expensive option, but it is also the easiest and most effective one.

A properly installed weatherization program can keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. Weatherisation also can reduce your utility bills by as much as 20% while improving the value of your home.

Better insulated homes in the winter may mean using less energy in the winter and heating the same amount of space in the summer. Additionally, Siding Installation in Raleigh or your surrounding area could assist in making your home more energy-efficient by providing insulation, sealing air leakage, and also help in reducing energy bills.

After the weatherisation is complete, the cost to insure the home drops to the insurance company’s standard rate for your neighbourhood. The more efficient your home is, the lower your insurance rates are.

Make sure to talk to a qualified and licensed professional before you do any home improvements.

2. Homes that are ENERGY STAR

Another way we can make our homes more energy-efficient is by choosing a home that is ENERGY STAR-certified.

Home improvement retailers often refer to these homes as having a more efficient house.

The ENERGY STAR building standard sets the standard for the highest level of energy efficiency.

Most homes can qualify for the ENERGY STAR home label if they meet certain criteria. These criteria include:

Size – The home must be 3,000 square feet or less, and a minimum of 50% of the walls must be insulated or weatherised.

Functionality – The home must be in good condition and in the condition that you can still live in the home comfortably.

If you have a granite fireplace (like the ones you find at in your home, make sure that they are ENERGY STAR-certified and be sure to properly clean your chimney before using the fireplace.

3. Energy Star appliances

When shopping for appliances, always ask your retailer about the Energy Star label.

The Energy Star label indicates that your appliances will save you money by saving energy.

Energy Star appliances are also safer for the environment because they use less electricity. And, they will be better for the health of you and your family members because they use less energy.

Moreover, you can take things in your own hands and ensure that the appliances are in good working condition-Get the best in preventative HVAC maintenance. Know when your washing machine or dishwasher needs a repair. Keep a check on how much energy your LED bulbs are taking up. In spite of having energy star certified appliances, it is your responsibility to keep your home energy-efficient.

Energy Star certified appliances are easy to clean and last longer. Paired with the process of Energy Switching, the use of Energy Star certified appliances can result in some major energy savings that might have you ruing the savings you could have been privy to had you effected these measures earlier.

4. LED & CFL Lighting

LED lighting uses 80% less electricity than other lighting options.

This is one of the easiest energy-saving options for homeowners to achieve. There are already a number of LED lighting options available for you to choose from today. If you want to go even greener than that, you can replace your old incandescent bulbs with CFL lighting.

CFLs contain no mercury and are 10-100 times more efficient than other lighting options.

LED lighting is the future of lighting. CFLs are the legacy of lighting’s past.

Are you planning to do any home improvements or changes this summer?