SL Casino Riga: Junket Tours and Winnings Every Wednesday

The most elegant casino in Riga – SL Casino – gives big and small prizes in the winter of 2019. Every Wednesday, during these months, the Lucky Wednesday campaign is held, and every active player can win an extra prize. The total prize pool is 3000 euros. All participants have equal chances!

This lottery is another of the generous events that SL Casino Riga is famous for, as well as the entire Shangri La casino network as a whole. The management company, Michael Boettcher’s Storm International, organizes lotteries and prize pools several times a month to create a hot atmosphere and stimulate guests interest. So, the lucky guests of the Riga unit have already received Harley Davidson and hundred thousands of euros of additional jackpots as a reward.

SL Casino is a fairly young casino in Latvia, it began operations in 2017. Unit is Shangri La casino network’s division. The company has been operating in the CIS countries since 1992. The first casino opened in Moscow, later it was transformed into a successful brand. Currently, there are four Shangri La casinos that adorn the capitals of Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Latvia. They are managed by Storm International holding, founded by the Englishman Michael Boettcher.

SL Casino Riga operates in the VIP niche in the Baltic Sea area, which at the time of opening the establishment was not very full. The casino corresponds to the high level set by the operators on the market. The place to start work was thought out very carefully. As a result, the completely renovated Grand Hotel Kempinski, which is located in the historical heart of Riga, was chosen in 2017.

SL Casino has a separate entrance and a noticeable sign. Casino halls are located on two floors. The first floor is equipped for slot players and sports fans. The second floor with 10 tables is the territory of roulette and card games. There is also an elegant VIP room, which is designed for private games and high stakes.

The Shangri La brand offers much more than just popular games. Guests appreciate the welcoming atmosphere, sophisticated design, impeccable service and responsible play. If you wish, you can spend a real vacation in the casino. You just need to call the SL manager and order a junket tour to Latvia.

Official site of SL Casino Riga:

What is a junket?

Junket is a type of travel around the world where a casino acts as a host and that is exactly how SL Casino invites its guests. Junket tours were invented so that players could play at their pleasure and not waste time on such boring activities as booking and buying tickets, searching for a hotel, etc. The unit manager will do all this for them.

SL are waiting for you, SL will meet you, SL will provide you with an excellent hotel Kempinski in Riga. Also you will get a guide, sometimes an entertainment program, round-trip flights and even help in obtaining a visa. And all this will be for free!

You should be given an interesting hobby, play in the casino! Play at SL, which will make you an honored guest on those conditions that are offered in the junket tour. All conditions are negotiated in advance, before the trip. Individual programs with additional entertainment are also possible.

In all junket tours conditions a minimum deposit is provided, noted Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. This is the insured amount that is placed on the casino account, in fact, this is the gaming chips cost. The deposit is calculated both for one player and for the whole company, if a group booking occurs.

As a rule, the higher the deposit the client is ready to make to the account of Shangri la, Darren Keane noted, the better the travel conditions are provided by the unit. If a guest wins in a casino, then he/she takes the winnings in full, he/she does not need to win back as a deposit. In this case, the trip is not only cheaper and more interesting, but also profitable.

Therefore, if you like to play, you can become a long-awaited guest in the SL casino and take part in all unit’s events for free, as well as get to know Riga.