Signs You Need to Repair Your Windows

Windows are an important part of any home as they help to give your home its own unique personality and spark. Windows are an excellent way to bring in natural light into your home and can help to reduce your energy costs effectively. However, over time windows start to deteriorate due to wear and tear, harsh sunlight, moisture in the air and poor maintenance. All you need to do is look for these four signs that your windows need repairs and a little rejuvenation.

Crumbling or Rotting Window Frames

Having wooden window frames provides your homes with a wonderful look and feel that can’t be faked. Rotting and crumbling wooden window frames is one of the biggest tell-tale signs that your windows need repairs. Wooden window frames can take on a big toll when it comes to the outside elements, especially moisture. The wood can begin to warp, making them difficult to open, and some wood may even begin to crumble away as a result. If rotten wooden window frames are left for too long, the entire frame may need to be replaced, so if you notice any rot, it’s important to get on it right away. You may want to call your local window replacement service provider like the ones at Renewal by Andersen (Boone Window) or some other home improvement professionals.

Stubborn Windows

Windows that are difficult to open or close may have broken hardware inside their latches or hinges. Windows should open without any effort, but if this is not the case then you may need to get repairs on the window, or get a new window frame installed altogether. This is quite easy to check around the house, just go from window to window in your home and open and close each one to see if they both open and close easily. Where new window installation is required, double hung windows could be considered as they offer a lot of benefits. These include safe operation design; ease of maintenance; and superior ventilation among a host of other characteristics.

Unexplained Energy Bills

If your heating or cooling bills are suddenly higher for no particular reason, your windows may be “leaking” heat or cool air. Checking this is easier to do in winter; if you stand by the window and its colder there than anywhere else or the glass is cold when you touch it, your windows need a repair. Using a candle to check for holes between the glass and frame is easy to find where the problem is. Hold the candle and move it slowly around the edge to see where it flickers, this will be the source of the draft. You will also need to check your HVAC system as well to see if it is working efficiently, as that could be contributing to higher energy bills. You may want to call out Dr. Watts Electric, Heating & Air service, or a service in your area, to see if there is an issue with your system and what you can do to rectify this.


Condensation builds up in between window panes when the seals on the windows are broken or improperly installed. This problem is most common in double-pane windows which are great for decreasing heating and cooling bills. Condensation is a sign that the seal in the window unit is damaged and needs to be repaired soon.

If you have noticed any of these kinds of damage to your windows, it’s time to get them repaired before they need to be replaced. At Apex Window Werks, we specialize in these and many other types of wood window and window glass repairs and replacement. We have a dedicated and professional team of technicians who are trained to handle all of your window needs. Contact us today for a quote and we’ll help you get your windows and home looking beautiful once again.