Why Provide Conference Materials in Bespoke Paper Bags?

When you welcome attendees to your conference, you’ll usually be expected to provide conference packs. These will contain practical items, such as schedules for each talk, plus a few promotional items. Of course, some conferences choose to provide such materials in simple unbranded bags, but you should really think about using bespoke paper bags instead.

Here are just a few reasons why.

Superior Design

Bespoke paper bags can be printed in a wide array of colours; as such, you’ll be able to add the conference logo and even print useful information onto the bag. One of the most popular recent ideas is adding a QR code that takes attendees to useful websites when scanned with a smartphone. Even if you don’t make such additions, having your bags properly branded makes your conference stand out as a more professional affair.


It’s easier for organisers to simply order as many bespoke paper bags as they are going to need instead of relying on current supplies. You’ll be able to choose the size, shape, and even the handle material to suit the size, shape, and weight of your conference materials. Instead of worrying about too big or too small, everything should fit inside perfectly.


You might think that going for branded bags will blow your budget, but you’re probably overestimating how much they cost. Paper bags are quite inexpensive, and the printing process doesn’t add too much to your bill. If you’re worried about costs, at least check with a supplier instead of ruling bespoke bags out for that reason alone.


It’s becoming increasingly important to stay eco-friendly, and your conference should reflect that. Even if the theme isn’t anything to do with the environment, it only makes sense to choose paper bags instead of using something that isn’t as easy to recycle.