How to protect your customers when they visit your store

Crime in your area could have far-reaching consequences for your business, employees, and customers. Depending on where you live, the crime rate could have a direct impact on the safety of everyone who enters your store. As a manager or owner, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone is safe. So, here are some of the ways you can secure the premises and bolster security at your store:

1.   Surveillance

Top of the list of security measures is store surveillance. CCTV cameras can help you monitor the store remotely. They can also record evidence that will help you deal with the aftermath of the crime. Close surveillance is vital for every business location.

2.   Smart access

Controlling all the access points to sensitive areas of the store is another way to deter burglaries and theft. Fingerprint scanners, employee access keys, and a range of smart cash registers should keep all the valuables in store safely locked away and allow your staff to hide customers during an infiltration.

3.   Alarms

Clever alarm systems, paired with motion detectors and surveillance cameras, can alert the authorities in case your staff fails to act in time. Modern alarm systems can now detect motion, take pictures, record sound, and report suspicious activity to local law enforcement within seconds.

4.   Deterrents

The best way to protect your clients and employees in store is to make sure a burglary is prevented. If you’ve taken all the necessary security measures and installed an industrial-grade security system, it makes sense to broadcast this fact to everyone who visits the store. Offenders and potential burglars like to scout the location multiple times before they plan their attack. If they notice you have a sophisticated security system installed, they’ll be far less likely to attack. Place signs throughout the store to reassure clients and deter burglars.

5.   Staff Training

Your staff can be your key strength in this fight against crime. Train them appropriately and retrain them on a regular basis to keep your shop and clients as safe as possible. Lots of businesses now hire security experts to conduct workplace security workshops now. This training should help your employees know how to react in the event of a sudden attack. They can also learn how to deal with difficult or suspicious customers who may be looking for security vulnerabilities before planning a heist.

6.   Regular audits

Review all your security systems, devices, and protocols at least once a year. Make changes quickly when you discover a vulnerability.

14 Additional Tips to Secure Your Commercial Property (Infographic)

As a smart business owner, you know that your investments need the right security measures. Explore both outdoor security and indoor security measures to give your business comprehensive protection.

Outdoor security measures include security guards, motion sensor lighting, secured fences, and other methods that protect your perimeter. On the other hand, indoor or workplace security measures consist of internal approaches, such as educating your employees and equipping your business to prevent theft and other threats inside of your building.

It’s important to remember that certain security measures work best when paired with other measures so that the downsides of each are covered.

The following infographic, created by Laura Bierman, the creative content director of Youthful Home, using the professional advice provided by the leading Houston locksmith company Skilled Locksmith, provides additional 14 valuable tips that will help you make decisions to ensure your commercial property’s safety from both outdoor and indoor dangers.

Infographic: 14 Tips on Improving the Security of Your Business