Pickups are Perfect for Business: Easy Ways to Get Trading With your Truck

One of the best things about owning a truck is the versatility that such a vehicle offers. Pickup trucks can do it all: they can haul the things you need hauled, they can handle terrains that other vehicles can’t and with today’s technology, they can even act as a mobile office so you’re never away from your work unless you want to be.

In fact, there are so many things that trucks like the RAM 3500 can do nowadays that it’s tough to justify not owning one for your business. Here are some of the best things that a truck can offer you and your company, so you’ll never fall behind on any job. Here are a few business ideas that a truck can help get started.

Delivery Services

Pickup trucks just seem like they were made to haul stuff, so why not break into a delivery business of some sort with that new truck of yours?

There are many different types of delivery services that you can offer which will give you a decent supplemental income or, if you are great at it, allow you to work full time for yourself. One of the easiest services to break into is moving services.

While you won’t be able to move an entire house at once with a pickup, you can offer your services to help people with loads of smaller things, like all of their boxes and small pieces of furniture like couches and loveseats. Just a few days renting your services every month can give you a lot of extra cash.

Courier Services

Courier services are still very popular with businesses. A courier helps move packages from one place to another for a fee.

With a truck that also has one of these truck bed covers to ensure the packages remain secure, you can offer courier services that other people may not be able to. You’ll be able to move larger packages than someone with a car — and especially a bike courier — which can allow you to get ahead of your competition. Starting your own courier service is fairly easy: here’s a short guide to get you started.

Cleaning Services

Owning a truck lets you carry all of the large equipment necessary to start a home cleaning service, which can lead to a fairly nice income.

You can cater to residential families or you can focus on commercial cleaning. With all of the room in your truck, you should have no problem hauling the equipment. You can also choose to focus on a specific type of cleaning service, such as gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning, pool cleaning or foreclosure property cleaning. The simple fact is that there are plenty of people out there who need help tidying up their properties in one way or another, and you and your truck can give them the help they need.

While there are plenty of “traditional” jobs that trucks are known for — construction, farming and the like — there are other opportunities to make money with your vehicle as well.