Partner with an Experienced Translation Services Company

If you’re a manager for a quickly growing company that’s exploring new markets in foreign countries, you should be partnering with an experienced translation services company. In the global business world of today, it’s not enough to have a few people on your staff that are conversant in the language of the country your brand is entering.

Translation services companies offer an entire range of services to address all your business concerns in the potentially confusing new marketplace. And the larger and more experienced legal translation services often have former solicitors and lawyers who are knowledgeable about the local laws applicable to your industry and products and services.

When Bigger is Better

Although small ‘boutique’ companies that specialize in particular services seem to be all the rage nowadays, that’s much less true in the translation industry, where bigger is definitely better. You would do better to partner with a company that can handle as many aspects of the translation industry as possible in-house, rather than team up with a smaller company that has to outsource many of the services you may find you need on a regular basis.

Consistency of your brand’s message in a foreign language is why you would need to work closely with the partner company, be it for your product info or Marketing Translations. Your message behind the marketing as well as the definitions of your products and services need to be clear, concise, and easily understood throughout all your communications in the new market. This includes marketing, logistics, production, legal and regulatory compliance.

The more experienced the specialists are in these areas, the more likely your brand message and direction will remain consistent in the new marketplace. And to get the most experienced and professional translation specialists working under the same company often requires mergers and acquisitions.

The translation industry is continually working to better itself. Smaller companies are looking to join with larger ones, and larger ones are always looking for new talent to acquire. As the larger of these companies continue to grow, they can offer more services of a higher quality.

Choosing a Translation Services Company

A company called Slator works as a focal point for the translation industry. Through their website, they publish industry news and guides, job listings, a listing of RFPs, and directories. One of their directories lists all the mergers and acquisitions for companies offering translation services in markets all around the world.

This is where you should start your search for the ideal company to partner with your brand in your new markets. Through indexes and directories such as these, you can learn the depth of your potential partner’s expertise and experience in different countries, their focuses and strengths in different facets of the translation industry, and their plans for future growth.

By putting a candidate list together based on a company’s history, its strengths, and development plans, you can contact the top contenders and get started on conducting interviews to narrow your choices down to the most suitable companies. You’ll be in the driver’s seat to find the best match for your brand’s character and message, along with its products and services.