Making a Good First Impression: 4 Things the Best Dental Websites Have in Common

Not all dental practice websites are created equal, and what does it take to make a dental website great? This question often comes down to personal preference. While some people tend to appreciate a unique design more, others like the more traditional sites. Some patients like to see a lot of content on a dental website, while others are more interested in getting to the point. Whatever the preference, here are four things that the best dental sites have in common.

They Showcase Your Work

Whether it’s featuring before and after photos, highlighting your patients’ testimonials, or both, you need to make sure that the visitors to your site can easily view the information that conveys your expertise, ultimately building trust with your potential patients. People trust other people’s opinions, states VivioSites, which is why your current and former patient testimonials are so critical. Any dentist can claim that they are the best and do the best work, but having those words come from an actual individual or with photos will automatically raise the confidence of your website visitors.

Contact Information is Easy to Find

While this may seem like a simple thing to focus on, you’d be surprised at how many websites bury their contact information making it difficult for visitors to find. As a dental practitioner, all of your patients have to go to your physical address to get work done, so having your practice’s contact information visible on each page of your website is vital. Additionally, a patient portal for healthcare might include a click-to-call feature with your practice’s phone number so that those using mobile devices can easily call to find out more information or schedule an appointment.

The Site Is Mobile Friendly

As of 2018, there are more than 4.5 billion mobile phone users in the world, according to data released by Statista, which means more and more people are using their mobile devices to shop online and check out new businesses. Making sure that your site is optimized for use on mobile phones is critical. Many people will use their mobiles when they are looking for your phone number to reschedule an appointment during a few minutes of free time, or when they are looking for a new dentist. It is crucial that your site is accessible across all devices. More and more people expect businesses to have responsive designs that work on various platforms.

The Site Is Search Engine Optimized

As more patients than ever are using search engines like Google to find a dentist, it is critical that your site shows up in the search results. With dental marketing, you can make sure that your website follows SEO best practices. Additionally, you will want to create a verified Google My Business profile that links back to your site and optimize your Google profile will all the relevant categories.

These are just a few of the things that all good dental websites have in common. Take some time to analyze your site and ensure these best practices are included. If you are missing some of these critical aspects, be sure to upgrade your site so you can get the most out of your marketing efforts.