Keeping Your Memories Alive with Mixbook

Mixbook is a robust design tool. It aids in creating fully customized photo products such as cards, books, wall canvases, and calendars. The free online editor of Mixbook is easy to use and gives you the opportunity to have an unlimited option of templates.

You are no longer stuck with the static pre-designed templates. You can edit your photo products to suit your desires and preferences. Mixbook helps you design professional high-quality photo products that say a lot about you, bringing you a phenomenal experience.

Mixbook offers various products such as photo books, cards, photo prints, calendars, home décor, wedding invitations, metal prints, and poster prints among others.

  1. Photo books

You can create a custom photo book for any occasion. Mixbook has a new feature, the Premium Lustre Lay Flat, which helps you create a photo book with thick pages, having a glossy but subtle sheen for a colorful and interesting effect. You can use Mixbook’s many features to create the photo book of your dreams.

You will also have a beautiful book cover which is flexible and durable. You can design a perfect photo book for your wedding, family events and many more. Keep an incredible record of your memorable moments with Mixbook.

  1. Cards

You can also design custom photo cards for every event. Make the card unique and personal with the myriad of design options Mixbook offers. Features such as Signature Matte, Satin Finish, Premium Matte, Luxe Board, and Pearl Finish among others can assist you in creating fantastic cards.

Mixbook gives you numerous choices for the shapes and sizes of your photo books. It offers printed envelopes with a variety of fonts and colors to select from that reflects your style. You have total freedom to turn your photo cards into masterpieces that capture your magical life’s moments.

You can design beautiful wedding invitations with photos, holiday photo cards, graduation cards, greeting cards and many more. You also have the freedom to create your cards with any of the various themes such as spring floral, lavender and floral pattern among others.

  1. Home décor

Scores of people appreciate personalized home décor. Be one of a kind with your captivating and ravishing style. Mixbook boasts an eclectic mix of wall art options such as canvas, metal, poster and acrylic prints. Metal prints are lightweight and scratch resistant. They can either be curved or flat.

Acrylic prints are durable and with brilliant clarity. Every print has unique features with an elegant appearance. Designing your wall art is an excellent way to give your home a personalized touch. Mixbook has myriads of home décor options and ideas that you can select from to decorate the entire house.

  1. Photo calendars

When you buy a calendar, it lacks a personalized aspect. Mixbook offers an opportunity to have a custom photo calendar in your home. It has an eclectic mix of themes to pick from to help you create a design that suits your style and preference.

You can add favorite photos. A slew of backgrounds, layouts, and stickers among others exist for you. You have the freedom to select the size you prefer. A custom calendar allows you to mark your special dates in the best way possible for you to remember them.

Mixbook allows you to record your experience on different photo products. It is an interesting way to keep your memories alive each and every day.