Junket – An Unusual Direction in Tourism

There are already plenty of tourism types. These are beach and health tours, food tours and shop tours. It seems that there is simply nothing to add and tourists have all the programs for choosing a vacation. But tour operators came up with a new idea.

People from the resort business are trying to attract new customers by any available means. Having gathered all their creativity, they analyzed the needs and thousands of travelers desires and put forward for their judgment an original form of relaxation – junket tours. This way to spend a vacation or weekend will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding vacationers.

What is a junket?

What is included in the concept of “junket tour”? These are trips that include an entertainment program, excursions, relaxation, as well as visits to the best gambling houses. To paraphrase, the junket tour is a very democratic journey with a mandatory visit to the casino and gambling halls.

Today, such tours in the casino can be organized by both tour operators and gambling houses. The main difference between the junket and other travels, that a tourist does not even pay symbolic amount for a transfer, hotel, food. This is a completely free casino paid trip. But in order to get a luxurious free vacation, the guest must fulfill a number of conditions.

Each person choosing a junket is awarded a special contract. It writes some conditions under which the trip can take place. Most often, such an agreement describes the number of hours that a tourist must spend in a casino, the minimum size of bets, and much more. Each vacationer must also have a special deposit account in which there will be a certain amount for playing in a casino. This will allow the company to ensure that the contract terms are met.

Where to go to the junket tour?

Today, almost every country where gambling is legalized offers this recreation type. A tourist can go to the CIS countries gambling complexes or choose a longer flight travel. The most common countries among European junket tourists are Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Cyprus. This is due to the price ratio and services quality.

However, many travelers forget that in the former USSR countries, now you can also have a great rest. For example, junket to Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, and Belarus are very popular. The world-class gambling complexes work here. Some of them belong to the Shangri La network, which has been run by Michael Boettcher’s Storm International for over 25 years, and Darren Keane, the Storm International director.

What does a game tour guest get?

The entertainment program that will be offered to the vacationer depends on the funds amount in the deposit account. If a player plans to play for a large sum (agreed with the operator), then he can be offered a luxury vacation: hunting, boat trips, visiting elite restaurants and other interesting activities. If the amount is less, then the entertainment included in the price will be more modest.

The most common tours start with 3-5 thousand dollars on a deposit account. Such tourists will be offere, flights, accommodation, a restaurant, drinks, shows and excursions in addition to playing in the casino.

Junket tours can be very profitable when a player wins in a casino. After all, the winnings do not need to be won back, all the money won remains with the player. But in case of loss, you cannot lose heart. Most operators offer to return part of the amount in the account if the player does not win.

Many people think that a junket tour is suitable only for players and it will be expensive. However, this point of view does not take into account the luxury vacation cost, if you do not play in a casino.

Those living conditions and additional entertainment that the operator offers are not cheap, therefore, the amount paid on the deposit will fully pay off. In addition, it is not necessary to sit in the gaming complex all the time. The contract implies only a few hours, the rest of the tourist’s time does not hinder anything. For example, employees of Storm International, said Darren Keane, will help to spend an interesting time outside the casino: organize excursions, advise places for shopping and pleasant leisure.