New Jersey’s Best Cities for Millennials

Today’s millennials are attracted to bustling cities and fast paced urban life rich in bars, restaurants, clubs and, of course, people of similar age.New Jersey Future recently commissioned a study based on US Census Data with some startling findings:

  • Millennials are the largest generation in American history, but in New Jersey, their numbers declined from 2000 to 2013 by 2.4 percent, while growing nationwide by 6.8 percent.
  • Millennials are 25 percent more prevalent in New Jersey towns and cities that scored well on smart-growth metrics, and only 81 percent as likely to be found in spread-out, car-dependent places.
  • Hoboken is the state’s Millennial capital, with the highest concentration of Millennials in the state. Fully 45 percent of the mile-square city’s population falls in the 22-34 year-old age group, more than Boston. In neighboring Jersey City, 22-34 year olds make up 28 percent of its population, a slightly higher concentration than Denver, Seattle, or Austin, Texas.

Below, we explore a few of New Jersey’s best cities to live in for millennials.

Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City is a favorite for millennials due to its ambiance, close proximity to New York City and its housing selection,which is both new and affordable.After 9/11 many financial services companies moved operations across the river, so many Millennials gravitated to Jersey City with its promise of a much more affordable and convenient commute and lower prices for renting or even owning. With the cost of living constantly rising in Manhattan, Jersey City is an attractive alternative for many young professionals – especially those priced out of neighboring Hoboken.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Young professionals love Hoboken because of its affordability (Hoboken’s rental prices are expensive for metro New York, but significantly less than Manhattan or Brooklyn), safety (Hoboken has among the lowest levels of crime in New Jersey), diverseness and endless job opportunities.The town contains several bars and clubs, public parks and fitness centers. It’s also a hipster favorite with boutique shopping, artisanal coffee and some excellent bars and nightlife.

North Bergen, New Jersey
North Bergen is a coveted area to live in among Millennials for several reasons including: North Bergen is only about 30 minutes from Midtown Manhattan, and there is an abundance of new, luxury apartments in North Bergen. Most of the newer rental apartment buildings and condominiums in North Bergen offer a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline and its location along the Hudson River has helped to make this city one of the hottest neighborhoods near New York City. Of course, if you’re committed to living in the Big Apple itself, then you’ll be doing yourself a service by first investigating the best neighborhoods in NYC to buy property in and move to.

Princeton, New Jersey

Home to Ivy League Princeton University and boasting a wealth of arts, cultural and intellectual pursuits for all ages, Princeton is a favorite for Millennials seeking a central Jersey address with Philadelphia and New York City about equal distance and roughly one hour away by train or bus. The University helps support nightlife and a number of restaurants, bars and shops are within easy walking distance from the center of town. Of course, if you did wish to bring your car with you to Princeton, you may need to hire a nationwide auto transport company in order to get this sorted out so you can enjoy exploring even more of your new area.

Franklin Park, New Jersey
Franklin Park’s population is mostly made up of the 24 to 38 age group. This neighborhood is well-known for its night-life, affordable rental prices, and easy access to public transport.

Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey
Parsippany-Troy Hills, nicknamed “The Place to Be”, is an energetic and diverse community made up of young professionals. Parsippany-Troy Hills boats a wide-ranging selection of restaurants, bars, night clubs and shopping malls, which are all easily accessible. Apartments for rent in Parsippany are affordable and close to public transport.