How To Go For Interviews When Still Working

Attending an interview can be nerve-wracking at the best of times, but when you need to do so without your current workplace is aware, it can be even more stressful. Should you be dissatisfied with your current role, or want to pursue a bigger pay-packet, you are well within your rights to look for another job, but there are things you can do to make the situation a whole lot easier.

Try not to take time off

Although you may have ample annual leave to take, you don’t want to have to face any questions about what you are doing for that single day. If possible, request an interview outside work hours. The interviewing company will most likely understand that taking time off work for an interview is not ideal and they may even respect your work ethic as a result.

Take unpaid leave

Should it not be possible to arrange your interview for outside working hours, and you don’t want to use up your holiday leave, simply request unpaid leave owing to an appointment. There is no need for you to elaborate on what the appointment is for, and it would be a very unprofessional employer that would probe further.

Book holiday leave

If you want to avoid uncomfortable questions, you could consider booking a chunk of time off as holiday leave. One day’s holiday raises suspicions, especially if you aren’t keen to explain your plans, but a few days off to spend with family or friends is less likely to raise suspicion. Also, by taking a day or so off prior to interview you can prepare by reading online guides, from sources such as, which you couldn’t do while at work for fear of being seen by colleagues.

Don’t lie

The problem with lies is that it is very difficult to remember all the details when attempting to keep up the pretense. The best course of action is to be vague, rather than create an elaborate lie that could be brought up in the future, meaning you will have to remember details you have lied about. Do not under any circumstances create a family medical emergency as, if your lie is ever revealed, this will reflect very badly on you indeed.

Keep it to yourself

It is all too tempting to tell colleagues that you have bagged yourself an interview, but unless the person you tell is also a trusted friend outside of work, then you risk becoming a topic of office gossip. No matter how excited you are, save it for when you have secured the new role and have already submitted your resignation to your current employer. Don’t risk your employer finding out before you want them to by keeping all details to yourself.

The most important thing to do in this situation is to remain calm. This may be easier said than done, but staying calm will help dissolve the nerves when it comes to the actual interview. Put thoughts on your current job situation out of your mind, and concentrate on giving the best interview to secure the job you really want.

Make sure you look good.

Turning up to your interview smart and clean shaven is essential.  If you are looking for some tips on male grooming then check out this advice on how to keep your beard trimmed from the team over at Get Shave Advice.