Internet of Things Platforms: Top 10 Industry Leaders.

Regular chores, such as maintenance or security would traditionally only be performed by humans – with IoT this paradigm is changing: smart web sensors are enabling next-generation automation and optimisation of the built enviroment.

We went over ten companies that are innovating the Proptech field with out-of-the-box technology and what benefits they’re bringing to real estate.


ComfyLight brought innovation in the shape of light bulbs. With smart bulbs that read movement inside a property, their technology detects unusual activity and alerts owners using an app. Their most significant feature is how light simulates motions when there’s no one present, discouraging burglars.

Cosine Labs

Compared to with others on this list, Cosine Labs offers an end-to-end experience – they developed solutions that make any property safer, smart, and energy-intelligent. While their applications are unique for different customers, all of them share the same trait: Owners can control the space using voice and gestures.


WEGoT is an eco-friendly solution that allows owners to closely monitor the consumption of water in their building. With in-depth reports, they make it easier to take a more conscious approach to resource waste. WEGoT system notifies tenants and landlords of any issues it detects in real-time  (leaks, open taps, etc.). Using this information the user can then take action to shut a tap via the application or the likes.


Better suited for business owners, Trakomatic reads and keeps track of customer movements, whether in a physical or digital environment. This feature provides valuable insights into what products or pages are attracting their target audience, and what improvements are necessary.


Developed for construction companies, Molteo provides real-time data and analysis about the building project. They differentiate from similar technologies by allowing a faster process: Anyone involved can keep up with new data from their phones.

Vital Xense

VX offers IoT applications that are suited for use throughout different industries. It allows property managers to deploy sensors quickly, working on a plug-and-play basis. They stand out in the market due to offering a highly customizable platform, as well as simple scalability – clients can personalize solutions to fit their own business needs.


Ween is a solution that focuses on predictive planning for various settings. They developed unique sensors that work autonomously. Systems record every movement and the software reacts dynamically to what the people living in that space need.


Similar to WEGoT, Smartvatten is a water consumption monitoring system. They offer the same reports and predictions, but stand out due to their no technical installation approach – this means owners don’t need to go through complicated setups and can begin using their technology in a matter of minutes.


Idealys aims to establish a Smart City mindset. They use technology to make daily activities – parking, moving around town, ordering meals – simpler. Differentiating from others in a similar category, Idealys works whether clients are at home, work, or travelling. The implementation of smart cities involves a lot of ideation and planning, and often involves the use of cutting-edge technology such as creating a digital twin for real-time simulation and monitoring. You can pop over to these guys if this intrigues you and it’s something you want to learn about!


SmartHab better suits residential apartments. They combine different solutions into just one app – monitoring equipment, amenities, systems, and services. Their highlight is the fact that owners can install the sensors in every apartment and attend to tenants’ issues using a phone.


IoT offers the possibility of easing our lives by making living spaces more intelligent. With this technology, property managers and owners can get insights that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise, resulting in data-powered, profitable business decisions.

This article was written by Deepfinity, the creators of Parcel Tracker; an internal parcel tracking and mailroom management software for the residential and commercial spaces.