How to improve your concentration

Archimedes once said “Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world.” In the context of the current business environment, the “fulcrum” could be very easily replaced with “a moment to concentrate”. And truly, multitasking and trying to achieve everything at once had been proved to be an ineffectual solution for improving the workplace performance a long time ago. The key to effectiveness lies in mindfulness and concentration. Let’s see how to achieve them.

Know Your Priorities

People tend to get carried away by the job they are currently doing very easily. That is not a bad thing. But, not every task is of the same relevance, and not every obligation needs to be addressed immediately. Put the list of your obligations on the paper, rank them according to their relevance and immediacy and start checking them from the top down one by one. Don’t pay attention to the lose ends until you address the relevant issues.

Exercise Procrastination

Guilt is not a desirable emotion. However, feeling the guilt can serve as a very strong motivator and can help you to find the strength to concentrate even if you are not currently feeling it. Whenever you feel the difficulty to devote to some specific duty, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Why I have to do this?
  • Will it be any easier if I do it later?
  • Will I feel less burdened when it’s done?

Kill Distractions

Distractions know to be very deceptive. For instance, some people think they are able to work more effortlessly if they are listening to music or their favorite podcast. While this may sometimes be true, in the most of the cases, audio and visual distractions only cause the split of attention. Give yourself a try and compare your performance with and without such distractions before you finally decide to press the play button.

Use the Stimulants

The word stimulants never rang a particularly good bell, but, to be quite honest, the bad reputation is mostly undeserved. Concentration boosters range from simple things like coffee and green tea to more refined products like cognitive enhancers. We use them every day. If you need a help to improve concentration, natural products and every-day consumables can do you no harm.

Divide the Tasks into Smaller Chunks

Or, in other words, cheat your brain into concentration. Huge chunks of work are off-putting, intimidating and hard to grasp. On the other hand, if you break them into smaller pieces you will find concentrating on and managing the matter much easier. Be aware though, breaking the task into too small pieces, will cause frequent breaks and concentration drops.

Set Yourself a Realistic Time Limit

Trying to accomplish something without knowing when you need to get the job done causes a very casual approach and leaves the door open for various distractions. Needless to say, concentrating in such circumstances is not easy. The awareness that you need to finish the work in a specific time-frame will help you to reach the optimal concentration much easier.

Always Work in the Same Location

If you habituate yourself to work in the same location every time, your mind will reach the optimal concentration as a natural response to the familiar environment. Moving yourself from one location to another too frequently will force you to get accustomed every time you start the work.

The concentration is the foundation for success. In the current business environment, it may be the only difference between success and failure. Learn how to concentrate, don’t spread yourself too thin, and you will manage to “move the world.”