Is Icelandic a dying language?

One of the most popular Nordic countries of the world, Iceland is a country of volcanoes and barren land to forests. Many tourists love to hire a campervan like you can find here and tour the dramatic landscapes. It’s a beautiful country and the last of the countries in the revolving earth to have been inhabited by the people, hosts people who love to name their fishes but have to approve baby names before assigning them to their own children. They are proud representatives of their language known as Icelandic to the locals.

Icelandic, a mere resemblance of the Norwegian language, is spoken for the sake of communication by over 300 thousand people of the whole world’s population. The growing number involves mainly the population of Iceland who itself contains more than a quarter to 400,000 people.

However, there is a gossip surrounding the premises of the country, that the Icelandic is soon to become extinct concerning the serious absence of the language dissolving into a fading aroma in the form of vocabulary. This issue has been severely taken into notice by several governments of the past and is still very much taken into account because of the growing proliferation of other languages into their native tongue. But, what causes such imminent actions?

A language grows simultaneously blank as another language slowly starts interfering into the premises of the native language. This could be as a result of the growing civilizations flowing into the country or traders flowing in with their trade, bringing vocabulary from their native language or basically the progression of the state and its interactions with the concerned government. What was the case for Iceland? Why are the people concerned about their language and is lingering essence slowly fading ay with the wind? What has gotten governments worried?

Some Facts about Iceland

Iceland has become dominated by the English language. this was the term for the Icelanders. You will find the state to be profoundly engulfed with the determination to communicate in English without having to translate Icelandic to English. Surprising? But, it has become quite normal for people to chat in English, the vocabulary and grammar a mere worry when they have gained the general command over the language and talked with a fluency that could term them as natives.

The schools in the state have already become acquainted with the desire to teach English fundamentals and the kids have acquired the general sense of using it in their daily lives and for communicational purposes. Around 99% of the whole population has become accustomed to speaking and understanding English. The general marketplace, schools, hospitals, newspapers, households, you will find English to have gained a better concept in terms of communicating than the native language itself. It has become a bridge to many people in the state.

Languages Used by Icelandic Media

More than anything, what startled me when I researched regarding the concept was that the newspapers have started being published in the English language and that some of them were actually being converted, to translate Icelandic to English in the local news was a feat that soon grew normal and the people have become fairly familiar with the concept of this transition. Tv shows and media coverage have also become attributed to this foreign language which can be termed as their unofficial official language which seems to be the case and a mutual understanding amongst the local citizens of the state.

When this many people of the state are being subjected to communicate in their second official language, then you start thinking of the promotional aspects of the marketing standards that should be displayed and embraced by the companies. Because even if people are still speaking in Icelandic, there is majority whose speech comprises of English vocabulary and cannot be dealt with the basics encompassing the Icelandic language.

For such an audience, the translation companies exist to translate Icelandic to English for any of your underlying cause. You can easily get your documents or promotional aspects like media coverage, newspapers, magazines, etc translated with accurate grammar and vocabulary to get your audience all sparked up regarding your respective notion.

Although this article may seem like the Icelandic has become extinct or is nearing its end but the preservation of the language has been brought into action and the proliferation of the English words into the language does not necessarily mean the language is dying, it just means the invasion has become quite in-depth and the actions must be taken wisely if one wishes for it grow progressively and effectively.