How to Setup an OnlyFans Like Website Without Any Coding Knowledge?

It’s all about OnlyFans and how to create a website like OnlyFans today! With the subscription-based platform growing enormously since its launch in 2016, almost everyone wants to set up an OnlyFans-like website!

And if we’re right, you’re also looking forward to creating an OnlyFans-like website! Luckily, this read is all you’re going to need and the best part is, you can know how to create an OnlyFans clone site without coding knowledge!

Before we get to know the steps, let’s quickly take a look at the basics!

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based membership community platform that allows creators to showcase their talent by posting videos or photos. Users have to pay a subscription fee to gain access to the creator’s content.

Creators can set their own prices and interact with fans directly, while fans can support their favorite artists with monthly subscriptions or virtual gifts. It is a great way for creators to monetize their content and build a community of dedicated followers. It’s even more interesting that, contrary to popular belief, men are making money on onlyfans, and a lot of it.

OnlyFans only takes about a 20% commission fee for every subscription the creator gets. Apart from subscriptions, OnlyFans has other monetization methods that allow creators to earn like,

  • Premium photos and videos
  • Private 1-1 messaging and tips
  • Sell merchandise using the built-in eCommerce store

OnlyFans takes a standard 20% cut across all the revenue sources. Now that you have a quick overview of OnlyFans, let’s look at some statistics!

  • OnlyFans was created in 2016 by Tim Christopher Stokely, a British entrepreneur and now has over 130 million users on the platform.
  • In late December 2020, reports said that the platform had more than 1 million creators.
  • During March 2020, OnlyFans had an approximate 26 million users but to everyone’s surprise, it crossed 50 million users during late August 2020.
  • It is estimated that OnlyFans had a revenue of over $400 million last year.
  • Some of the most popular celebrities who have a creator account in OnlyFans are Bella Thorne, Mayweather, Safaree Samuels and more.

And that’s the introduction! Let’s look at the features your OnlyFans like website should be having!

Features Your OnlyFans Clone Site Should Have

When you create an OnlyFans like site, make sure you include all the features because coming up with something less is going to do you no good! Below-mentioned are the features your OnlyFans site should have,

  • Registration Gateway with social media login feature
  • Profile customization and personalization options
  • Flexible subscription models – free and paid subscription with the liberty to set the subscription price
  • Private 1-1 messaging feature with media exchange
  • Options for fans to tip creators during the private chat
  • Creators should be able to sell premium content by setting custom price
  • A built-in eCommerce store to sell merchandise
  • Options to upload photos, videos and conduct polls
  • Built-in payment gateway options to enable transactions

Those above are the features your OnlyFans-like site should be having! Make sure not to miss out on any feature because one reason why OnlyFans is making huge revenue today is because of all the above-mentioned features!

Now that we’re totally done with the basics, it’s time we look at the steps to create a website like OnlyFans!

How to Create a Website Like OnlyFans?

We thought it would be better if we take you through both the methods to create a website like OnlyFans – helps you get a better understanding!

We’ll also be looking at the cost and the time frame for the two models!

So, an OnlyFans like website can be created in two steps,

  • Built from scratch
  • Built using an OnlyFans clone script

We’ll look at how you can create a website like OnlyFans first from scratch first!

Building an OnlyFans Site From Scratch

Creating an OnlyFans website from the ground up involves several key steps. To get started, you’ll likely need to hire a skilled team of developers, akin to the ones available at a nashville website development company.

From there, you’ll need to build out the platform, integrating all the features discussed. Keep in mind that this is a complex process that will come with associated costs. It’s crucial to plan your budget accordingly.

Here’s a quick estimate of the same,

  • UI/UX Part – $3000
  • Front-end & Back-end – $35000
  • Software Testing & Quality Assurance – $4000
  • Deployment – $2000
  • Business Analyst – $2500
  • Total – $47000

The above-mentioned figure is an approximate estimate to build a site like OnlyFans from scratch based on the hours taken and the hourly rate. Also, it’s going to take an approximate 1-2 months to get the work done!

And as for future customizations, you may need to have coding knowledge or hire developers who are well versed in complex coding topics like static and dynamic binding in java and similar others every single time!

The cost and the time are some reasons why building an OnlyFans like site from scratch is not an ideal option and not preferred by entrepreneurs.

Let’s look at the alternative.

Building An OnlyFans Site Using An OnlyFans Clone Script

Today, there are a lot of pre-existing business model clone scripts that help you build websites as you want. And OnlyFans is no exception!

Using an OnlyFans clone script can help you build a site like OnlyFans in no time. And here’s the bonus part – we strongly recommend that you go with xFans – OnlyFans Clone script! The clone script has all the features mentioned above and helps you build an OnlyFans clone site in no time.

Let’s look at the steps then,

Step 1: Buy a domain name for your OnlyFans website from a popular domain registrar. Make sure the domain name indicates the nature of your business.

Step 2: Choose a hosting provider to host your website. Also, make sure the provider you choose supports adult niche websites.

Note: You can skip the above-mentioned steps when you choose to go with xFans OnlyFans clone script. All you have to do is head to M3Server and choose a hosting plan. And you can claim your free domain name during the checkout process – it’s that simple.

Step 3: Once you are done with the above steps, it’s time you customize the website. The dedicated support team helps you out with the customization process. Since the clone script has everything built-in already, you just have to worry about the branding stuff – name and logo.

Step 4: When the customization part is done, set the payment gateway options and get other settings in place.

Step 5: Do a couple of marketing activities on social handles and your OnlyFans-like site is ready to make some revenue!

As for the cost and time, it’ll cost you an approximate $2500 and a week at the maximum! Now you see why this is an ideal option, don’t you? And like the title says, you need not have any coding knowledge!

Final Few Words

The idea to create an OnlyFans like website is just really great! The subscription-based social media trend has just begun and there’s no reason for you to hold back!

Now that you have everything you need to create your OnlyFans clone site, why don’t you get started right away?

P.S. Let us know when you are done with your site! We’d definitely subscribe😉!