How to reduce your plastic contribution as a fast food chain

If you are a fast paced take out restaurant you’ll understand the pressure of having to have a lot to think of at once. The aim is to get the orders out to the customers and to get them out as fast as possible as to avoid upsetting anyone along the line.

When we have all of this to think about we often forget about the details of the business and the little things that make a difference both to your business and to your customers.

Plastic is a problem

Many of your customers appreciate that plastic is a huge problem in today’s day and age and many will prefer to support businesses that cut plastic out from their business as much as possible. Whilst you can’t do much to reduce the amount of plastic that covers your wholesale food supplies without completely destroying your current business budgets and food prices, there are a few ways you can show your customers that you care and make a difference.

  1. Say no to plastic Menus

Two third of food businesses make use of plastic menus. While on the surface level, this tactile form of plastic may feel like silk stock with a matt laminated finish and scream durability, they are not hundred percent tearproof. They get crease marks easily and, upon discarding, they just add to land pollution. Therefore, by eliminating the use of these, you can do your bit for the planet. A better alternative to these could be digital menu boards for restaurants. These options are quite the trend in the current days; they can be perfect for saving your business from printing costs and help reduce the amount of waste going to landfills from your side.

  1. Say no to plastic cutlery

Most take out stores offer customers plastic cutlery with their order, or throw it in the bag whether they ask for them or not. Plastic cutlery is a large contributor to the plastic problem and should be cut out completely.

Instead, replace the cutlery with wooden knives and forks and always be sure to ask if they really need it or not. Or, if you are a company that offers some seating, whether that’s inside or out, look into getting metal culterly to satisfy those customers who are sticking around a little longer. If you take a look into the Restaurant Equipment that is available from various different websites and stores, you can gain an insight into what you can provide the customers that isn’t plastic.

  1. No more plastic bags

Most food company’s give out their orders in plastic bags because it is the easy way to do it. Instead switch to paper bags. There is no excuse for not making the switch as plastic bags are one of the largest issues we currently face with single use plastic.

If you are struggling to find paper bags that are big enough for your orders, find some really good ones over at paper bag co.– They’re specifically designed for catering.

  1. Ditch the plastic furniture

If your establishment has outdoor seating, it’s time to bid farewell to plastic furniture. Plastic tables and chairs contribute to the plastic waste problem, but fortunately, there are more sustainable alternatives available, such as wooden or metal furniture. By making this eco-friendly choice, not only do you reduce your environmental impact, but you also add a distinct aesthetic to your business and encourage customers to linger longer. To remove your old furniture, you can call in a Restaurant Furniture Clearance specialist who can assist you in responsibly disposing of your plastic furniture.

It’s important that we all start doing our bit and that includes all the big businesses. A huge amount of individuals are choosing to go plastic free, so join in and show that you really do care about the planet and your customers will be completely on board. You may even get come new customers for your efforts.