How to Reach Customers Via Packaging

In business, you are always trying to leave a meaningful impression on potential customers. Whether that’s how you treat them at all times, the materials you put out during campaigns, or the quality of the product you offer, you’re always trying to impress them.

One of the ways that’s done, that you might not be paying as much attention to, is your packaging.

Packaging is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. When the customer picks up your product or retrieves it from their front step, the first thing they take notice of is how it’s packaged.

So, let’s take a look at how you can use that to your advantage.

1: Focus on Presentation

Your products are kind of like food. Have you ever gotten a dish that just looked horrible, and even if it tasted great, you just couldn’t enjoy it as much? Imagine your customer getting the product you spent years developing and know will impress them, but the box or bag it came in looks like you chucked it off every wall in the warehouse before getting it to them. It ruins the experience.

Put extra effort into how your products are handled after being packaged to preserve that pristine look. It adds a lot to the presentation of the product, and in turn, helps get a customer’s attention.

2: Branding

Just making the packaging look nice isn’t enough. If you want to capitalize on the power of packaging, you need to get your branding involved.

Whether that’s making sure your logo or brand name is on the printed paper bags you’re using, or if getting your logo in an eye-catching spot near the label, you have to make sure the customer sees your brand every time they look at that package; without being annoying or detracting from their experience with the product, of course.

It’s generally best to hire a graphic designer who specializes in branded packaging to do this step for you. The placement and visual usage of your branding are key.

3: Opt for Sutrdy Packaging Options

While it is crucial to look at the design and overall outlook of the packaging supplies, it is more important that you pack your stuff in sturdy containers so that your products do not get damaged in transit.

A damaged product is as good as lost money, and customers would not take it lightly when they pay for something that comes in a poor condition. This would leave a bad impression on them driving them to never trust you again. Hence, it is prudent that you source industrial-grade packaging solutions from companies like Packaging Chimp so that your customers get what they ordered.

4: Go Eco-Friendly

The majority of people want to see companies take an eco-friendlier stance nowadays. They want you to be just as accountable for your carbon footprint as the news expects them to be. One great way to do that, and leave an amazing impression on customers, is to switch to packaging that isn’t harmful to the environment.

By doing this, you show that you hold yourself accountable for your impact on the environment, and you actively try to embrace positive alternatives to the destructive materials traditionally used by companies. In a lot of circumstances, doing this is enough to drum up repeat business on its own. After all, one way people are voting with their wallets is by aligning with companies that share their values.

Adapt Packaging for Better Marketing Power

The packaging doesn’t seem as powerful as marketing campaigns or customer service, but it is. If you’re not, at the very least, adopting the three tips we gave you in this brief article, you’re doing your company a disservice. Get started today, and leverage packaging in your favor.

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