How to Effectively Promote a Sale

Special sales can be very beneficial for your business, and people are constantly trying to find the best deals online, so it wouldn’t be long before you got some attention! Even though the prices are less, the number of extra people coming in to buy your product should increase, leading to more money in the end. Nonetheless, half of the success of a sale, whether it’s online or through a store, comes through good promotion. Whether you are starting for the first time or have run previous sales to less success, this guide has you covered on how to effectively promote a sale. Read on now for all the top tips.

Use Time-Sensitive SMS Promotion

SMS marketing can be a really useful tool to let people know that there is a sale on. The trick here is not to text too early, as people might be likely to forget. A much better idea is to actually text on the day of the sale, letting them know that they will have to buy your product that same day or the sale will expire. This is definitely the best way to lend urgency to your sale. If you are not sure how to effectively run a good SMS marketing campaign, then look no further than the great services of


Offer Your Most Loyal Customers First Look

One way to make your sale feel like it matters is to get in touch with your most loyal customers first. By telling them (and only them) in advance that there is a sale on, they will feel like a more trusted member of your community, thus making it more likely that they will want to buy whatever it is you have to offer. You can even offer them a “super early bird” promotion, meaning that they can get extra-favorable prices ahead of everyone else. They are likely to gobble up the opportunity. 

Use a Seductive Social Media Campaign

Social media is definitely your friend when it comes to promoting a sale. Make sure that you schedule a post to go across all of your verticals, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, so as many people as possible can get to grips with your product. Make sure to use as many hashtags as possible so your message will get picked up. Additionally, use callouts so your message can be amplified by your most loyal followers.

Don’t Slash the Prices Too Much

While it might seem like a good idea to make the sale as attractive as it can be – taking around 80 to 90 percent off the original asking price – this can actually have the complete opposite effect. Potential customers are much more likely to think that a sale of around 20 to 30 percent is more reasonable and more seductive when it comes to a good deal. Make sure that when you are mentioning the sale that it is a one-time or special yearly deal. If you offer too many sales within a financial quarter, then this will probably make you look rather desperate instead, which could cost you the sale. This approach could lead to certain customers waiting to only purchase from you when you have a sale.