How Do Online Slots Work: Algorithms and Principles?

When playing online slots, many people ask themselves one question: how do they work? There are many myths and rumours about the peculiarities of casino slots’ functioning, and not everyone can give a coherent answer. Some gamblers are sure that the online slots’ principle is based on their time they spent playing. In other words, the longer a person plays slots, the higher the chances of having success. But this is far from a reality. Let’s figure out how one-armed bandits work.

A Small Prehistory of Slots

Earlier, video slots were electromechanical and occupied a lot of places. Such developments obtained a braking system and sensors that analyze the falling-out combinations. A user had to move the arm/trigger down (from this feature, the machine was named “one-armed bandit”) to start the game.

The next crucial moment came when slot machines were equipped with an electric motor. Thus, the need to move the trigger down disappeared and players had to press the button only.

Modern slot machines are absolutely different from the predecessors. The most popular ones you can find at The main difference lies in that they are digital. And the appearance of certain combinations occurs because of the Random Number Generator, or RNG. This technology is standard for all new video slots.

How Does RNG Work in Online Slots?

RNG is a particular software that obtains a unique algorithm of operating. It is an entirely random procedure, the result of which neither a casino operator, nor a player, nor a game developer can predict.

Even though progress has gone far ahead since the first slot devices’ appearance, this generator’s principle and reliability remain unshakable. The technology is regularly updated, taking into account the peculiarities of innovative gaming approaches.

Many people from different fields participated in the development of a random number generator.

Today’s generator is a creation of a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The technology is provided with a 128-bit md5 algorithm. Moreover, this technology has found its role not only in online slots but in security systems.

Should I Trust the Random Number Generator?

You can notice applications that supposedly can predict hereafter combinations on the worldwide web, but they cannot deal with this issue. The only thing that this sort of app can do is steal your data. So, it would help if you stayed away from using them.

What you have to follow is software testing. All reliable game developers stick to this strategy, providing their developments for testing to reliable testing institutions, like eCOGRA, iTech Labs, NMi, GLI, etc.

The software goes through serious testing rounds, during which the use of any manipulations is excluded. This moment means that it is safe to play slots that have passed such a test, and there is no deception.

You Need to Know It

The first thing you need to be aware of is that the RNG cannot memorize the previous combinations. The program does not know whether a user won or lost. Mathematical algorithms determine the combinations.

The game results mustn’t lead to any planned or logical result – it is a sequence of numbers. For instance, a player has a shot at winning two big wins in a row, but this seems improbable.

When a player starts gambling, the algorithm distributes a certain number of random numeric per a specific timeframe. The generator will randomly pick numbers and decides which symbols will land on the playground grid. So, the only method a user can affect the game’s outcome is to choose a point to click on the button. But this is good luck. The same strategy works during free rotation bonus rounds and bonus games.

The technology of RNG eliminates the chance of predicting the outcome of the game. The probabilities of winning depend only on the luck of the player.