How to Get Free Stuff Online

Did you know that you can actually get free stuff online without even having to enter a draw? If you are willing to compromise a little or perhaps do a little service in return, companies are indeed willing to send you products without charging you.

Obviously, you will need to do a little research and sign up with the right websites, however, to get you started, I’ve listed some tips just below.

Pre-loved Free Stuff

Thousands of people are upgrading anything from gadgets, instruments, furniture, right through to toys and sports equipment. If you sign up with websites like you will get daily offer updates of the items up for grabs. Conveniently, Freecycle is location-specific so that you will only get posts of article available in your own area. You can also post item requests and hope that someone is willing to give away just what you are looking for. A friend of mine got a fully functioning piano through Freecycle, and all she had to do is collect it from the owner.

Free Phone Calls in the US and Canada

Through Gmail or Google Voice, you can phone US and Canadian landlines free of charge. All you need is a working broadband connection and hey presto, you can make free phone calls. Skype calling is also enormously popular, however, you do have to buy credit to phone a landline. Additionally, you may also be able to get free cell phone services (data and calling) in the US through the government lifeline program. However, you may need to check to see if you qualify for the service (if interested, you can find more info here) which could be dependent on your income and other factors.

Review Products

If you have written insightful reviews on Amazon, you may be invited to become an Amazon Vine member. You will then receive products free of charge, will, however, be asked to write a review. It is unclear how Vine members are chosen, but we believe that detailed reviews are the ticket to this elusive club.

You can also sign up with sites like or PINCHme and try out a product and subsequently write a review. Product samples are often snapped up quickly though, and you need to keep a close eye on the offers to make sure you don’t miss out.

Free Software, Gaming and Gambling

You’ll find lots of useful free software to download, along with games and free gambling offers. Many gambling websites run free offers in the hope of increasing subscription numbers. If you love playing slots for instance, you can avail of Ladbrokes Free Spins and enjoy hours of fun without spending a penny.

Free Stuff Isn’t Always Free

Before you go off thinking that you will be able to fully furnish and equip your house with free stuff, remember, that in most cases, you are expected to give a little in return. Freecycle is perhaps the only truly free site and you will have to collect the item and pay for the delivery or carry the cost of collecting the item yourself.

If you enjoy writing reviews, I would definitely encourage you to join the relevant sites.

Undoubtedly, you can get lots of free stuff in return for very little, and signing up with any of the above websites is certainly worth it.