Finding and Eliminating Customer Pain Points: A Guide

Pain points are sections of the customer journey which lead your customers to feel in some way dissatisfied. This can be in relation to a poorly-designed website, poor customer service over the phone, or a difficult experience in a physical place (e.g. a store, air terminal or office). For companies to truly max out on the customer experience and curate elegant and memorable journeys for their customers, it’s important that they look at pain points as a first step. In this guide, you’ll learn how to locate and eliminate pain points in your customers’ journeys.

Asking for Feedback

There can be no better way to find and understand pain points than asking customers directly. Questions like ‘What went well, and what went badly?’ are a good place to start, as they allow your customer to think about exactly how your performance might be improved. This kind of question is asked all of the time; the problem is, very few people have the time to really answer sincerely.

That’s where the physical ‘happy or not’ feedback machines come in handy. You may have seen them in airports. They help those running the site to understand how customers are enjoying their airport experience. This is one of the quickest, simplest and least expensive options for you to gather reliable data about pain points in the journeys of your customers, and can help you decide what kind of intervention will be necessary to build a brighter future for your company.

Studying Online Data

Plenty of pain points occur due to friction in the online exchange of information, goods and currency. It’s here that consumers will immediately turn away from your business to find one they feel is more reliable and trustworthy, leading you to lose that business and the profits those sales might have generated.

From this, it is clear that making your online performance as friction-free as possible is a big deal in modern business. And, thankfully, you can really understand where consumers get lost on your website by studying its data – you’ll see what people browse and which pages they’re most likely to be turned-off by. In this way, you can tailor a new output in order to excite and please your online following.

Heading to Industry Events

One of the most fascinating new fields in the world of marketing isn’t actually to do with marketing at all – it’s to do with psychology and behavior. Behavioral economics have been with us for a while, but it’s recently been foregrounded as an excellent way to reduce friction and pain points by simply rebranding or reformulating a company’s way of communicating with customers.

With well thought out insights available at every turn, you should head to the events that talk about such things as: conferences, workshops, seminars and marketing away-days. All of these events can have the potential to unlock a better way to deal with consumers, which will make them far more comfortable using your services and products in the years to come.

Whatever size your business happens to be, these tips will help you find and tackle pain points at their source, helping you retain more customers as a result.