Encouraging an environmentally friendly lifestyle one world record at a time

World records have been used for years as a way of celebrating important or crazy things. One way that we have seen world records be used is to raise global awareness about environmental issues and to encourage people to take steps to protect our planet.

Here are some of our favourite world records promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle:

  1. Most trees planted in one hour

The most trees planted simultaneously at multiple locations is 2,294,629, achieved by 122,168 participants in an event organised by TreeVolution: Greening MindaNOW (Philippines), at 29 locations across the Philippines on 26 September 2014.

  1. Largest Jute Bag

The record for the largest jute bag was achieved by Cotton Bag Co in the UK on 3rd July 2019. They wanted to take part in Plastic Free July and encourage people to use more eco bags.  The bag measured 22.5m wide, 14.6m high and 3.5m deep.

  1. Largest tree hug

An incredible 1,200 people showed their sensitive side by simultaneously cuddling tress in an event organised by the Korea Forest Service (Republic of Korea) at the Korea National Arboretum in Pocheon, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea, in March this year.

  1. Largest mural made from recycled material

The largest mural made from recycled material measures 720 m² (7,749.98 ft²) and was created by Moaffak Makhoul (Syria) in Al Mazzeh, Damascus, Syria, on 27 January 2014. A mural is an artwork that is created directly onto a wall.

These records are an amazing show of how people across the globe are trying to take on a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and encouraging those around them to do the same.