How to Use Design to Care for Customer and Employee Wellbeing

We curate and create our environments in ways no other creature does. We build, we shape, we have preferences, trends, and we categorize our designs into names and eras. Design can affect how we feel, it can affect how we act, and it can be both aesthetic and functional at the same time. Knowing how to use design to create the impact you want is critical, regardless of whether you are aiming to redesign an office space, a store, or even a restaurant. To ensure you set the right tone and achieve the right results, however, first read this guide on how you can use design to care for customers and employee wellbeing.

How Furniture Can Be Used

Furniture is the main focus in any space because it is so much more than aesthetic. Furniture contributes to the comfort and purpose of the space it is in, and the layout of the furniture plays a critical role in how the space in question is used. Jamming as many as possible desks into an office will only lower your employees’ wellbeing while overcrowding a restaurant or pub floor can really decrease the experience felt by your patrons. Choose furniture that looks great and is comfortable. The last thing you want is to choose something that only looks good, but is not comfortable or functional. Aim for a balance so that your space is harmonious and comfortable to be in. For instance, having a designated space for office workers to relax in on their breaks can make a huge difference to their productivity levels at work. Those interested can find more information about office amenities on the Eden Health website.

How Green Space Can Be Used

Regardless of whether you are in an office or a store, greenery is always a hit. Add plants to bring in life and fresh air indoors, and completely redo your outdoor space so that people feel like they are in a getaway oasis. If you are a restaurant, this will be particularly important, as people will want to spend as much time outside as possible. Revamp your outdoor space with some great outdoor pub furniture, plant life, décor, and lighting, and you will see just how much of a hit your brand can be. The better the outdoor or green space, the better.

How Lighting Can Be Used

Another design element that directly impacts the well-being of a person is lighting. For one, light plays a critical role in regards to our circadian rhythm, or, in other words, our sleep cycle. Bright, blue-white light mimics natural light which, in turn, helps us wake up. Trying to have natural lighting at times can be beneficial to employees as well, so try and implement this wherever possible. Bright lights in an office space or retail store are ideal as you want your employees and patrons to be awake and alert through the experience. In the restaurant, bar, or event industries, however, this light can actually detract from the experience. Know how light affects the brain, and you can use it to create the ideal sort of environment for your business.

How Color Can Be Used

Just as light impacts how we feel, so too does color. Know what colors produce what effects, and you can curate the ideal space for your business. Cooler colors offer calming effects; warmer colors can instill a sense of energy or coziness depending on the shades. Color psychology is huge, and knowing the basics can help you design a space that will really help produce the results you want.

Using design and understanding the principles of design and how they impact a person, and their wellbeing will help you as a business get the results you want. In an office space, you want your employees to be positive, productive, and energetic. In a restaurant, you want your patrons to be relaxed and comfortable. Know what effect you want, and use design to achieve it.