Doing Your Own Customer Reviews


Have you wanted to do customer reviews of certain products or services? There are all sorts of reasons that you could have concluded that this is something that you would be interested in. Perhaps you have noticed that other customer reviews just aren’t excellent, so you want to add your high-quality material to the mix. Or maybe you are looking to promote something that you enjoy!

Regardless of your reasoning, there are tips that you can follow to produce customer reviews that are sensible in the grand scheme of things. You have to pay attention to the setup and presentation of your analysis, recognize video potential these days, understand the line that you cross when you start promoting and advertising and note the difference between fake and real reviews.

The Setup and Presentation

Setup and performance of your review are essential, particularly if you have a video or picture elements to it. A classic way to present individual objects would be to buy a closet liner, and then shine bright lights into this area as you are describing the item in question. Having a clean background and an organized visual is key to a great review.

Video Potential

Lots of customer reviews are strictly on video these days. There are YouTube channels of only reviews! People and companies have made entire careers out of producing videos that either support products or discuss them in a way that makes sense to people looking for information. If you’re going to be a reviewer, why not put it on video as well? Just be sure to make it as high quality of production as possible so that people aren’t turned off by your lack of attention to detail.

Reviews as Promotions and Advertising

There is a line that you can cross where you move from examining something to promoting and advertising it. If you work with the company that produces a product you are reviewing, there are different rules that you have to follow to be trusted. If you’re not making any money advertising these things, that makes a difference as well in the implication of quality of information.

Fake Vs. Real

There is a tremendous amount of fake information out there right now about different products and services, and it creates market distrust. People get paid to post positive or negative things about goods and services they never actually try or look into. If you plan on doing customer reviews, make sure that you check and test the product you are reviewing. You don’t want to get rounded up with all the other people doing fake reviews and give yourself a bad name as well as potentially even creating legal issues.