How Does Coworking Benefit Productivity?


While coworking spaces like the ones available at Vuka ( are increasingly becoming a popular way to work, its impact on the business landscape worldwide is yet to be seen. In New Zealand alone, the number of coworking spaces has tripled, and as more of the country’s population recognise it as a more cost-effective way to work, newer spaces with a wide array of missions are sure to crop up. Currently, Auckland and Wellington are seeing a wide variety of coworking spaces with some of them being larger corporations.

Within the New Zealand coworking landscape, you can find the small, basic outfit offering a few amenities and quiet place to work and the larger, premium coworking space that have a menu of amenities, and many times, the cost is much lower than leasing standard conventional office space. It combines the benefits of the modern office with social engagement with professionals from diverse industries, which creates other opportunities for smaller businesses and start-ups. In the midst of this social engagement, much work gets completed.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways in which coworking’s social platform provides a foundation of productivity.

Creates Boundaries

The coworking space can boost productivity because it allows the professional to create boundaries between workspace and personal space. While working at home is great, in many ways, the lines between work and your personal life can interfere with productivity. For example, the temptation to run errands, take care of personal affairs and just about use up the business day to do everything and anything but work is ever present. Furthermore, if you are not diligent in creating a space to work, you can find yourself working in the living room, dining room, and worse yet, your bedroom, which increases the chances to become distracted.

Reduces Distractions

The coworking space can provide you with a place away from the things that are distracting. With the television, kids, neighbours, cell phone, and other common distractors close by, settling into your workflow can be very difficult. Many coworking spaces provide you with the chance to create an atmosphere primed for work through its different leasing options, which include the hot desk, dedicated desk, and some cases, the private office. Ultimately, the coworking space can reduce common distractions by simply providing a format for work.

Promotes Professional Environment

Even in this convivial setting, the platform is laid down for work. Many of these offices are designed to be comfortable, but professionally furnished environments. While you might see professionals networking, chatting, and collaborating at various workstations, there are also designated places to socialise, and many cases, guidelines established related to appropriate coworking etiquette. Ultimately, the atmosphere is one that provides the traction for social interaction but also emphasizes industry within the coworking space making it a better solution to the home office.

Has A Wide Array Of Resources

Working smack dab in the middle of a room filled with seasoned experts from a diverse array of industries is priceless for smaller businesses. In essence, these businesses are sitting in the middle of a gold mine of resources that can be exploited. Furthermore, the process of finding, getting, and giving referrals is streamlined simply through the ability to network in the coworking space, which brings other opportunities, namely finding mentors. While tapping into the power of mentors has always been a part of the business landscape, the coworking space is just another way for young professionals and entrepreneurs to create relationships with others.

Promoting Productivity Through Coworking

This creative platform for work can deliver on its promise giving your business and employees space to work. With an emphasis on activity-based work, the coworking space creates networking and collaboration opportunities. More importantly, these opportunities can translate into business growth and increased invisibility.