Counting on Customers: 3 Reasons You Need the Right Signage to Increase Sales

Signage gives the customer their first glimpse into your store. It identifies your brand, your culture, and the quality of your products all before the customer ever walks across the threshold. It is vital to create a clear visual message with your signage.

You rely on customers for sales, and they rely on you to provide what is promised. But it is you that must initiate this relationship. The message they receive before they even step into your store must be the right message. Without clearly communicating what you are offering them the sale will never be made.

Do You Know Your Audience?

Knowing who you are creating your signage for is the first step in increasing sales. A little market research, targeting, and understanding the needs of potential clients is the best way to transition them from potential to customer. Quality marketing is about turning passive shoppers into active buyers but before that can happen you must know who you are sending your message to.

Proper signage is only one step in the marketing funnel but it is a key one. If your sign does not engage or capture the passive shopper’s attention then what hope is there of making the sale? A well-placed targeted message is an invitation to the customer, letting them know their time is valuable and coveted in your store. It is a welcome mat beckoning them over the threshold.

If you have multiple audiences, consider how your signage can reflect this. Your best option is to use digital signage that you can change throughout the day. If you run a bar, for example, you may have a different demographic coming in at noon to the demographic you have coming in at midnight. Take a look at these bar menu ideas to see how you can change your signage to appeal to as many as possible.

Are You Sending the Right Message?

The quality of your sign sends a parallel message to the quality of your product. A poorly designed sign communicates a lack of attention to detail and a potential disappointment. Signs should be visually appealing, clean, and sturdy displayed by quality retail sign holders.

Would you attend a party if someone handed you a filthy invitation with little to no effort taken in its creation? Ok, maybe a horror or murder mystery party, but is that the message you want to send to a potential client? Your sign sends both intentional and unintentional messages. Make sure you know what you are communicating.

Keep It Simple

Signage is a brief introduction or a redirection towards a product. It should be short and concise, easy to read, and easier still to remember. Your sign should wrap up your overall branding so that when they see your store, another sign, or your logo the message displayed on the sign comes to mind. The simpler and more visually appealing the sign is the better it will be remembered.

Continued exposure to ads, whether the same or similar, help maintain the information in his memory and give the illusion of familiarity with your product. Target customers need the message repeated frequently before it become familiar and to move them closer to the sale.

Your signage communicates who you are as a company to potential customers. The quality and care you place into creating the right message and visual display says a lot about the quality of product you are promoting.