How To Use Cloudflare to Speed up Your Website

Website speed optimization plays a critical role in how your readers perceive your site and ultimately your message. Those of us using the Internet understand how annoying it is by having to wait for a page to load. The delay may only be a few seconds, but when compared to the speed of most websites today, a few seconds seems very slow.

That said, your readers deserve the best experience possible, and it’s up to you to provide that for them, in addition to a secure environment while they’re visiting your site. It isn’t difficult to understand why, from an SEO perspective, a fast loading site improves the experience of the user. At the very least, a fast site should be the norm and not the exception because Internet speeds are off the charts in many areas meaning that a slow-loading site likely will irritate your readers and could cause them to leave your site in their dust. Don’t let that happen!

A Slow Site Costs You Money

Search engines and websites found after doing extensive testing on user behavior in a variety of situations that just a small increase in load times meant a substantial decrease in revenue. Site visitors don’t like to wait for a page to load, and they’ve proven they will go elsewhere without hesitation. As you can see, it’s not just the annoyance of waiting for pages to load on your site, it also means your bottom line might take a direct hit.

The steps to speed up websites can get involved, and if not done correctly, or if knowledge of the reasons causing slowdowns aren’t understood your entire site suffers. However, thanks to Cloudflare, a company specializing in all phases of site security and website speed optimization, security and speed won’t ever be an issue. With Cloudflare watching over things, virtually all areas of your site become protected from DDoS attacks and the service includes a robust firewall that protects your applications as well. Team WP Sekure is a website management company who can help you to integrate CloudFlare to your website with their speed optimization service.

Next Generation Web Optimization

Not only will your site please your visitors with every visit, but you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that your readers can stay on your site safely, without interruption or the threat of malware attempting to steal personal information. If you haven’t already, it’s now time to bring your site up to modern standards with all the protection and speed improvements possible. Especially as more and more people are starting to opt for internet packages that have increased speeds that can be seen provided by infinity dish and some others, for example. These higher speeds will allow for your customer to really feel the slow pace of the website should your site lack the speed optimizations of today.

The technical aspects of creating a speed environment that knows no bounds is the cornerstone of Cloudflare’s global success. The company employs several techniques proven by them to enhance your site’s performance, from Argo routing to HTTP/2 to dramatically speed up content delivery, to name only a few.

Updating and configuring your site takes only minutes, and the results you’ll experience almost immediately will make you wonder why you waited so long! It’s down to a decision on your part whether to protect your assets right now or wait until necessity forces your hand. Waiting only delays the inevitable, and prevents your precious site visitors from the experience you have planned for them.

Mobile Users and Their Need for Speed

The mobile market continues to explode, and the same reaction by consumers to slow-loading pages on PCs causes concerns for mobile designers as well. As with other platforms, mobile users expect fast websites, and if your site isn’t mobile friendly and you haven’t taken steps to speed up your website, you’re destined to lose out on a potentially lucrative demographic of your market.