Choosing the Perfect Compression Level for Shapewear

Shapewear is a type of undergarment that can help to create a smooth silhouette and sculpt the figure to highlight the natural body curves. The body shapers are available in many different styles such as full bodysuit, shaping panties, booty shapewear, mid-thigh shorts and more.

These foundation garments are usually categorized in four different levels of compression and they are light, medium, firm and extra firm. The compression levels refer to the amount of pressure that are exerted by these garments on the body to create a smoother and slimmer silhouette.

Different levels of compression are suitable for different areas of the body. Here is the breakdown on each level of compression:-

Light compression shapewear

This type of shapewear offers gentle shaping and smoothing.  Light compression shapewear will be able to give you the look and comfort you need. They are ideal for everyday comfortable wear as it has a low level of pressure compared to others, and can offer a comfortable and natural looking silhouette. Common shapewear for light compression level includes panties, especially the high waisted ones that will offer support to the tummy, back and the sides. This category of compression is best for beginners and then gradually work the way up to a more firm level as needed.

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Medium compression shapewear

Shapewear that provides medium compression are best for shaping and contouring. They are flexible and are generally quite comfortable to wear. Medium compression body shapers offer a higher shaping and control than light compression ones. They are best for those who want mid support for smoothing the lumps and bumps around the waist and thighs. You can wear them for hours without feeling restricted or squeeze. Medium compression shapewear is great for wearing to the office or for casual occasions. These shaping pieces include bodysuits, leggings orshaper shorts and will be able to contour the body for a more toned shape.

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Firm compression shapewear

Some women prefer more compression on the days that they want to be completely in control. A firm compression shapewear is one of the best for smoothing the abdomen area and are perfect for wearing under dresses. Besides smoothing, firm compression body shapers such as a full bodysuit or high waisted shorts are ideal for more intense shaping and support, giving you a toned base and an hourglass shape.

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Extra firm compression shapewear

This is the highest support level shapewear that provides maximum control, more targeted shaping and support. Shapewear such as a pair of booty shaping shorts is best for layering underneath clothing that are made with unforgiving slinky material. Extra firm compression shapewear is ideal for special occasions. It is important to ensure that the shapewear fits properly and is comfortable to wear.

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By knowing the different compression level will guide to choose the right level of support and shape for your body type. You will be able to achieve your desired look without sacrificing comfort.