How To Choose The Right Blog Hosting Package

When you start a website, you need to sign up for a hosting package. There are many different types of hosting packages to choose from. It can be challenging to know what is the right solution for you and your online business. Depending on the size, scale and budget, you can still find great value for webhosting. You should understand the most important criteria for web hosting. This will allow you to select the best blog hosting package for your unique situation.

Minimum Requirements

Firstly, every blog owner should have a minimum set of requirements to run their business. Most hosting packages come with PHP, MySQL, HTTPS support and FTP access. For more advanced options, you might Apache running on a linux server. If you are unsure about the minimum requirements that you need, you should start by asking the web hosting company what capabilities are offered in their hosting packages. Find a web hosting company that gives you the flexibility to work with different platforms because they offer the established minimum requirements like PHP and MySQL.

Free Hosting Packages

Once you have your minimum requirements, you will find that there are many free hosting packages around. Although, you should keep in mind that “free” still comes with a cost. Many of these free hosting packages will inject their own ads or links in your content. While this might a good trade off for someone on a very low budget, these practices can affect the authenticity of your blog. Moreover, you do not have control over the performance or reliability of the website. Since the hosting package is free, you have to deal with whatever they offer you. Still, there are some free hosting packages that allow you so sign up with a subdomain that are reliable. Once again, you would have to sacrifice on the branding of your domain and blog. Therefore, free hosting packages might be a good fit for those who are on the most extreme budget constraints.

Shared Web Hosting Packages

Even when you are just launching a new business, shared hosting packages are the most popular option for website owners. Most shared packages come with the option to host one or multiple domains. This means that you can use an existing or new domain that represents your brand. Moreover, theses packages usually come with all the minimum requirements to host a blog. You can serve anywhere from 10,000 monthly visits to 25,000 monthly visits or more. Depending on the website configuration and server capacity, a shared hosting environment could be a great solution for someone starting out who doesn’t have too much traffic. At lower price points, it makes the barrier to entry quite low as well. Certainly, if you don’t mind sharing resources with other sites on the same server, a reliable shared hosting package offers a good value to get started.

Managed Web Hosting

A step above shared hosting packages, some providers offer managed hosting solutions. In these packages, the web hosting company takes care of all the backend maintenance to ensure your website can handle all the traffic it receives. More so, they optimize the performance of the server to your specific platform. A managed wordpress hosting package can provide improved performance, security and support. Since companies customize their services towards managing a specific type of hosting accounts, they can offer higher quality services for your blog. While managed hosting packages do come at a higher cost, it can be easily justified by the time saved by having professionals managed your hosting for you.

VPS Hosting Packages

Additionally, businesses can opt for a virtual private server package. Known as a VPS, these servers provide more dedicated resources and flexibility to run custom scripts. If your business requires uniquely customized scripts, then a VPS hosting package might be the right choice. This level of customization and flexibility requires more technical knowledge to manage the server on a regular basis. As your blog grows, you may want to consider a VPS if you have the technical talent who can leverage the added capability of this type of hosting package.

When starting a blog, you have many options to choose a hosting package. Depending on your budget and current business needs, you can sign up with a hosting company that you are comfortable with. Just remember to check that they have the minimum requirements to run your platform like WordPress. If you can afford it, you should make the leap to a shared or managed hosting package. You will certainly feel the difference compared to a free account. Finally, as your business grows, you can move on to a VPS hosting package. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best hosting package for you.