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Injured on University Campus: Who’s Liable?

When joining college, students look forward to learning, enjoying different co-curricular activities, and making friends in a safe environment. So what happens when you are injured while on campus grounds? What steps should you take, and most importantly, who will be held liable for ...Read More

Why Is The Modular Housing Business Booming?

Image source Modular housing has taken over the housing industry by a storm. Its features, like attractive cost, sustainability, easy availability, amongst many others, have made it a hit among indivudals looking for temporary accommodation and also those wanting to invest in the housing ...Read More

Top 4 Benefits of a Sathorn Serviced Apartment

Any seasoned business traveler knows the difficulty of picking the right accommodation in a good area of their destination. In a city like Bangkok, where world-class hotels at affordable rates are seemingly on every street corner, it can be tempting to book a 5-star ...Read More

Apply for a Lifesaving SME Loan in Malaysia

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of Malaysia. They provide employment for millions of people all around the country. These smaller businesses are often the only source of employment in remote towns and villages towns that don’t have the populations to attract ...Read More