Is Your Business Doing Social Media Correctly?

Social media is an inseparable part of today’s digital marketing landscape. The social media sites available today allow brands and businesses to connect and interact directly with the customers. This type of interaction is powerful from a marketing standpoint, but only when you know how to fully take advantage of the opportunity.

So, is your business doing social media correctly? There are a few basic things you need to cover in order to fully benefit from having a strong social media presence. We are going to take a look at some of them in this article.

Be Social

Social media is where you connect with others; it is a place to be, well, social. Forget about posting promotional messages and digital posters all the time. This may work for a while, but your followers will start turning away from your social media profiles if you stick with this approach.

Instead of focusing on promotional messages, learn to produce content that the audience can relate to. You can learn a lot from the likes of Wendy’s and smartphone skin maker Dbrand. Both brands use social media differently, but they focus on what really matters: interacting with the customers and potential customers.

User engagement is always the most important metric when doing social media marketing. Forget about how many followers you have. What’s important is knowing how to measure user engagement and active users as a way to measure growth; you have top resource centers like to turn to for more information.

Consider the Platform

Another mistake you want to avoid when doing social media marketing is using one bit of content for all social media platforms. Sure, posting the same content across all social media pages is a great way to save time (and money), but it is certainly not how you achieve success and build a stronger presence on social media.

What you need to do is taking advantage of each platform. Tailor your content based on the strengths of the platform, the kind of audience you get on the platform, and the kind of user engagement you expect in return.

Instagram Stories is a good example. Simply posting product videos that you also use on YouTube isn’t going to work, because Stories isn’t designed for that. Short videos where users can interact with the brand directly are much more effective.

Maintain Consistency

The most important tip of them all, however, is maintaining consistency. You can’t expect to grow your social media presence without some kind of a pattern for the audience to follow. Instead of posting a bunch of photos on Instagram and then staying silent for a couple of weeks, schedule your posts to get the appearance of consistent activity. Then, businesses should be able to see real growth in their social media accounts. Businesses should probably prioritize Instagram, and other platforms similar, as they will be the most popular. With consistent posting, people should be interested in following the page. However, if followers don’t increase, they could always consider using Growthoid (try it here) to get more followers. That can help the business to look more reputable and credible.

The same approach applies to other platforms too. Consistency matters across all social networking sites. Even having a schedule for new videos on YouTube can help you grow your subscribers count much faster. Before you start with a more advanced social media marketing campaign, make sure you know how to maintain a consistent posting schedule across the social media pages you use.