How Your Business Can Give Back to the Community

As a small business owner, you should be staying an active participant in contributing to the community as these close ties could be the secret to your continued success. By giving back to the community, you can promote a positive message and boost the economic growth of the local area. Here are some ways that your business can give back to the community and boost the involvement of your employees.

Promote Social Good

Lead by example and promote social good in your company culture. You could choose a charity to support each quarter and allow your staff dress-down days in return for donations, or sponsor a local charity event. To try something interesting, you could get in touch with fundraising restaurants that can help support whatever cause you are supporting. Partnering with a food chain for charity could turn it into a fun event, encouraging more people to come and offer their contributions. This sends a positive message to your customers, showing that you’re an active participant in the community and your business cares about local causes.

Follow Motorpoint‘s good example – they recently sent their sales team to help at a local charity shop on one of the busiest days leading up to Christmas. Not only did they help to raise extra money for the charity but it was also beneficial for the staff, who practiced their selling skills in an environment out of their comfort zone.

Encourage your staff to volunteer by giving them paid time off to do so. It will boost employee morale and show the residents and local businesses that you’re giving back to the community as a thanks for their support.

Champion Local Businesses

Cross networking with local companies can help you to reach more people, as well as helping out your fellow small business owners. Encouraging people to shop locally means that people are shopping smarter and supporting the local economy, helping the growth of the area rather than spending at big chain companies.

Shopping locally not only gives customers a more personalised experience, but they can also get to know the people behind the business. Make the most of this connection and promote local pride by championing small businesses rather than large retail chains.

Offer Training or Apprenticeship Schemes

Your expertise could be valuable to those who might want to follow in your footsteps and start their own business. You could teach young people job-specific skills in a real working environment by taking on an apprentice. You’ll be giving back to the community by training the next generation of employees, whilst receiving support from the government to do so.

Alternatively, you could consider developing a training program for schools, or taking on short work experience roles for youngsters.

Giving back to the community could be the secret to your continued success as a small business. Encourage your staff to participate in the local community and that way, you’ll be promoting a positive message to your customers and making a vital, long-lasting connection with them.