Best Ways to Bring New Customers to Your Website

You are all excited about launching your new website and are hoping to attract as many new customers within a short period. Sadly, it’s already six months in and only a handful of customers have visited your site. What could you be doing wrong, and what should you do?

Note that marketing is a long-term strategy. It takes six or more months to attract a loyal audience to your website. Some sites may take a short time, but it all depends on your marketing efforts and how you implement them. The guide explains five ways you can bring new customers to your website.

Reinvent Your Content

Your audience has different ways of interacting with content. As such, if all your content has been developed in one medium, you may lose the traffic that is not interested in your preferred form of communication. However, it could always be beneficial to look at expanding your audience over the various social channels you have. For instance, you may wish to get more Instagram followers to start engaging more people with your business Instagram pictures and content, this could in turn improve your overall brand audience. For example, if all your blog posts are available in written form, you may lose the audience that loves watching videos. A range of tools are available to help repurpose content. SlideShare, for instance, allows users to upload content in a few brief points and the good news is that it attracts up to 70 million users a month. Also, consider creating an audio version of the content and upload it on software like SoundCloud, which boasts 175 million listeners globally.

Give Free Gifts

Offering free rewards is a great way to woo more customers to your site. The easiest way to run a gift campaign is to provide the award to someone who comments on the article. The campaign should run for a specific period. Once the giveaway period has ended, count the number of comments and send the prize via next day delivery service. If running complex giveaway campaigns, consider using tools that offer exclusive bonuses to new customers. Be sure to check the laws and regulations of the country regarding using gifts to attract customers. Some states enforce pretty strict rules about raffles.

Engage Guest Writers

Hiring writers who have a social following not only attracts more customers to your site but enhances a brand’s visibility. Every time a writer writes a blog post he shares it with his social following as his name is on the article. Also, the website attracts other writers willing to write for the website for free, so you no longer need to hire guest writers. The more writers drawn to your site, the more people find out about your website.

Create Internal Links

The strength of a site is not only affected by the number of sites linking back to your website but also the internal linking structure. Internal links boost a site’s SEO rank and enhance user experience. Internal linking should not be a one-off strategy but you should do it on an ongoing basis.

Interview Industry Thought Leaders

Send emails to renowned online marketers in the industry to interview them. You can schedule weekly podcasts and post them on the main website instead of creating a different site. The marketers will boost the credibility of your website hence, increasing traffic. Also, the interviewee is bound to share the content on his website or social media platform expanding reach.